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  1. Sure, go ahead and sue Kickstarter. Sink more of your money into a temper tantrum over them acting on their clearly-stated TOS. I want to hear a lawyer argue in court that KS can’t close a project if they failed to notice something untoward during their initial review.

    1. @Hope, I would love to see it as well.

      “As you see here in Exhibit A, written on a cocktail napkin in crayon, it clearly states ‘no takesy backsies.’

      We allege that this note was written by Kickstarter when the campaign started, and not, as the defense would have you believe, by our unpaid intern in the courtroom bathroom during our recess, earlier this morning.”

  2. Even though I suspect this process will be drawn out far longer than necessary, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

    Be that as it may, I will 100% give you folks kudos for calling it for what it was from the beginning.

    I don’t follow Kickstarter as closely as I did during COVID for obvious reasons, so if not for your coverage, I wouldn’t have heard about this until much later.

    Keep up the fantastic work 👍

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