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“Fire and Swords” Expansion Enhances War of the Ring – The Card Game

“Fire and Swords” Expansion Enhances War of the Ring – The Card Game

Ares Games is set to release “Fire and Swords,” a new expansion for War of the Ring – The Card Game, introducing additional gameplay elements and factions. Slated for a summer release, the expansion aims to broaden the game’s scope with epic battles in northern Middle-earth. Pre-orders are now available directly from Ares Games’ webshop, featuring a special bundle offer.

The expansion incorporates new factions into the gameplay, including the Northmen allied with the Free Peoples, the Easterlings, and the Ruffians siding with the Shadow. “Fire and Swords” aims to enrich the game’s narrative and strategic depth, providing players with new cards, paths, and battlegrounds focused on the War in the North.

Designed to support up to six players, the expansion offers scalable gameplay that can be adjusted for smaller groups. It is compatible with the first expansion, Against the Shadow, introducing new Shadow cards for both solo and cooperative play.

The pre-order bundle includes the “Fire and Swords” expansion set, featuring new cards for the Free Peoples and Shadow factions, new paths, and battlegrounds. Also part of the bundle are two metal card boxes with premium sleeves: the Radagast Card Box and the Red Bannerman Card Box, both adorned with thematic art. Additionally, pre-ordering provides exclusive access to two special Promo Cards: Goldberry and Old Man Willow.

Offered at $49.90, the pre-order bundle represents a 20% savings off the suggested retail price of $61.70, including free shipping to the contiguous USA and European Union. The bundle’s pricing and shipping offer are intended to make the expansion accessible to a broad audience. Delivery is expected in the summer of 2024, aligning with the expansion’s release period.