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Tabletop Gaming News was started in 2005 and is a website devoted to publishing news, reviews and articles about all facets of the tabletop gaming hobby.

With many sites focused on a narrow range of games or gaming periods, it’s often difficult for gamers to get any news or information about the wealth of hobby options available to them. And so Tabletop Gaming News was created to help provide a wider, independent scope to the news presented to gamers.

Tabletop Gaming News relaunched with a news design and new goal in February of 2023, and in the first month since the relaunch tripled its monthly active users, and we now reach hundreds of thousands of tabletop gamers across the site and our social media channels.


Tabletop Gaming News cover news from all around the tabletop world.  From industry giants to small independent publishers, and from board games, to role-playing games, to miniature games.

We encourage publishers to contact us at [email protected] every time they have news they would like us to take a look at and publish. We of course try to stay on top of everything going on anyway, but if you want to make sure your news is covered, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

You can also tag us on Instagram (@tabletopgamingnews) and we will share your post in our story.


We haven’t done reviews at TGN for quite a few years, but that is changing now.

If you want us to review your game, simply send us an e-mail and we will sort out the details and provide you with a address to ship the game to.

In addition to a review on the site, submitted games will have the chance to:

  • Be featured and shared across our Social Media channels to tens of thousands of followers
  • Be featured in unboxing videos and/or review videos
  • Be featured in giveaways and contests (see below for more info)


Video is also new to Tabletop Gaming News. We have started a YouTube channel that we have big plans for and is steadily growing.

The channel will feature a weekly news summary of all the news from the TGN site, review and unboxing videos and trailers and overviews of games.

Send us your trailers (either to download or just a YouTube link) and we will share them on our channel.

Promotions and Contests

At the moment, we are running monthly giveaways, but we also have plans for special events and contests.

Contact us if you want to sponsor or collaborate on a giveaway or event. This can be by providing prizes to our monthly giveaway, by providing codes or coupons to our readers, or by providing freebies like printables, maps or campaigns.

We can also work together on a custom solution.

Sponsored Content and Ads

TGN has a very strict policy on sponsored content. We will only accept sponsored content if it is 100% related to tabletop games, and if we believe it to be a good product.

If your content is a good fit for us, we can offer:

  • Sponsored articles that are stickied to the front page for an agreed upon time.
  • Features in our newsletter that will soon be going out to thousands of subscribers.
  • Posts on social media
  • Sponsored videos