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CMON and Asmodee have teamed up to bring you another set of board game comics. In this case, it's the Android universe as well as Twilight Imperium. Just like the first set of comics, these will inclu
I wish I had the ability to have a nice garden to tend. I love watching plants grow from seedlings to beautiful flowers or other decorative plants. Well, I can still live vicariously through Ohanami,
The Thing: The Board Game takes you to the desolate landscape of Antarctica as you try and escape being turned into a gruesome alien. And when it eventually hits store shelves, it'll be Ares Games tha
Two new 40k books and a lot of new terrain is available to order from Games Workshop this week. Both Crusade and Chapter Approved with give players bunches of new missions to try out in their games. T
Sure, there's a zombie plague going on, but adventurers gonna adventure. And when a dungeon is rumored to be full of all manner of treasure, you know that's going to attract those that want to go in a
To run a big animal, you need to feed it a lot of things. So, to have something as big as a dinosaur running around, it needs a robust ecosystem with a strong food chain. And that's just what you'll b
The X-Wing universe gets a little bigger as three new kits are now available from Fantasy Flight. You can go pick up your Xi-class Light Shuttle, LAAT/i Gunship, and HMP Droid Gunship now (or multiple
CMON has been tapped to bring another videogame property to your tabletops. This time, it's the survival game The Last of Us.
The Princesses are coming back to Kickstarter. 9th Level Games has announced that they're working on a new print run of The Excellents as well as loading up with some new accessories for the game. Set
Battlefront had their big Live Launch weekend for the new Soviets coming to Flames of War. This week, they continue their releases with some more units, as well as some accessories and even a battlefi