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He who controls the worms controls the Spice. He who controls the Spice controls... well, you'll have to roll and see if you pass your check first. If you're wanting to dive into the deep lore, politi
Been sitting around thinking, "Aw man. There's nothing to do this weekend. It's gonna be boring!" Well, I've got great news for you! Steve Jackson Games is running their FnordCon Virtual 3 this weeken
When you only speak English, you are missing out on a whole ton of games that are out there. Well, I only speak English, and I know I'm missing out. But Ares Games is looking to help some. They've ann
At the end of WWII, Germany was split up into two halves. Part was under the control of the Soviets and the other was controlled by Britain, France, and the US. In our timeline, the two Germanies even
This week went by quickly and I'm feeling some of the speed fatigue from it. Lots to do makes the time go by, but is leaving me feeling drained. I'm ready to get to the weekend ASAP. To help me get ac
The Pathfinder Society is Paizo's organized play program for Pathfinder. They're putting great content out for it all the time, and even if you're not in a Society game, you can still use this stuff i
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert! And this one's a really, really big one. Well, in scale it is, anyway. The Warmaster Titan is coming up for pre-order tomorro
When you think of masked wrestlers, you of course think of a faraway land of desert sun, sand, and hot weather. You of course think of... Ancient Egypt. Ok, maybe not. But the Pyramid Piledrivers don'
The new expansion book for Blood Bowl comes to pre-order this weekend. It's called Death Zone and it'll add new styles of play to the game with a new format, new rules, and all sorts of other extras.
I knew it was coming eventually. Pretty much any faction that's based in the polar regions will eventually get a bear cavalry unit. And that's what we get a look at in this preview for the Polar Dwarv