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And we're into the work week proper by having come all the way to Tuesday. I hope your Monday started off alright. It's looking like it might actually start significantly cooling off here in Atlanta.
With the ongoing issues from the global pandemic, it's tough for gaming companies to really be sure when their products will be hitting shelves. In this instance, though, WizKids is pretty sure that O
I dunno. As a bear, I'm like, "but they probably just want a hug," but I also know that bear hugs out in the wild aren't probably what most people hope they are. Anyway, so yeah, you should Beware of
So, Deadzone is a miniatures skirmish game. You're gonna have your little mans trying to beat up your enemy's little mans. That will involve dealing damage. The damage system in the game is getting an
The gaming world should be as inclusive and comfortable as possible. Originally the realm of the "nerdy outcasts," it should always strive to be welcoming to those that feel they have been looked over
A new book will be making its way to your Necromunda tables soon. It's The Book of the Outcast, and it will bring quite a few new options to your gangs as they seek to control the Underhive. In this p
A new campaign guide is coming soon to print for Star Trek Adventures. The Shackleton Expanse takes players into the Beta quadrant with new planets to visit, new foes to fight, new wrongs to right, ne
Gotta go fast! Grab your best set of shoes and down a couple chilidogs, it's time to catch up with your favorite, hypersonic, blue hedgehog, Sonic! You can join him and all his friends in Sonic: The C
The Orks are getting some new pre-releases this weekend. Games Workshop has been swinging back and forth between Orks and Orruks. This time around, it's the sci-fi boys with some reinforcements. Have
Privateer Press is continuing their series of Author interviews as they get closer to the release of the new Iron Kingdoms RPG. This time around, they talk with Steen Comer. Check out what special ski