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It's not just 40k that's getting the Khorne previews from Games Workshop. Warhammer Underworlds: Nethermaze is getting its own preview as well with a look at Skullgrinder Herax. Get a look at his mini
Codex: Chaos Daemons, of course, has demonic goodness for all the different Chaos gods in 40k, but they're focusing on Khorne this time around, looking at some new special rules as well as the profile
It's hot out. Really hot out. Best to stay inside and just play some games. And Ravensburger is looking to give you some for free. Their Summer Giveaway is happening now. Head through and put your nam
Arguably the fantasy series that started it all, the Lord of the Rings is making its way to 5th edition thanks to Free League Publishing. They've announced an official release of new setting and campa
Tuesday? Already? I've mentioned it before, but going to Build & Paint night at the LGS really does make my weeks feel that much faster. And as always, that's not a complaint. To help continue the
The Batman Miniatures Game has recently really taken off down at my LGS. There's a new league starting up and everyone's diving in. And it's obvious why, Knight Models has been working on a lot of coo
Smaller than a 2-player starter, the upcoming Armada taster sets give players just a small taste of the game. Y'know, "try a bit and if you like it, order more." We get a deeper look at just what it e
A mini that's been around for a long time for a unit that's been around much, much longer, the Khorne Berserker figure is getting itself an update soon. Get a look at the new sculpt in this preview.
Black Powder Epic Battles: Waterloo, The Hundred Days, is the latest expansion book for the game from Warlord Games. In this article, WG sits back and has a chat with the book's author, Adrian McWalte
Get out your best business card, pop in a cassette of the hot music of the times, and don't forget your raincoat because it might get messy in here. Renegade Game Studios has started taking pre-orders