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You don't have to be the party's bard to have your sexuality be part of your character's personality. And Adventuring with Pride: Queer We Go Again looks to help. If you're looking to shake up your D&
Infinite Black has announced that they are going to be bringing a new sci-fi horror RPG to your tabletops. But first, they're going to be heading to Gamefound to make it happen. It's called Vast Grimm
The Chaos gods are always changing, at least somewhat. I mean, that's chaos for you. And with the new edition of Age of Sigmar, they're changing again. In this preview, we get a look at the lords of c
There's a lot of strange creatures out there. And while most are just going about their regular lives, some are being more destructive and have to be dealt with. That's where Heliana's Guide To Monste
Halfway over. The week is halfway over. And I still have a leak next to my water heater because maintenance at my place apparently doesn't exist anymore. Guh... well... as I contemplate going back up
Golf has been described as, "a good walk, ruined." Well, I can't think of something that'd ruin it more than a murder. But that's what's happened. And it's up to you to figure out what happened. That'
It's getting hot her in Atlanta. And a friend out in California is seeing 100+F weather. If there's one thing we're both dreaming of, it's the cold of winter. And WizKids will be bringing us that with
Thought that Paizo was done posting videos from PaizoCon? Ha! The weekend was only a few days long, but Paizo's got apparently years worth of material from it. Here's another collection of videos for
Fantasy Flight Game has two big board games that they've been working on, Unfathomable and Legends of the Dark. If you're craving more info about either (or both), then you'll want to tune in to Fanta
With the new edition of Age of Sigmar right around the corner, that means there's a new General's Handbook that is needed as well. In this preview, we get a look inside said book and see what the gene