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Garphill Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for both Circadians: Chaos Order, as well as the 2nd edition of Circadians: First Light. You can pledge for each game individually or both together. Ev
Ever wanted to build your own rollercoaster? And I don't mean just some little cards on a table. I mean a real set of hills and roundabouts. Taht's what you get to do in CubeClimbers, a new magnetic m
Y'know, I've yet to decide what I want for dinner today... some Dim Sum might be just what I need. Tasty morsels served steaming hot in bamboo baskets. And that's what you're looking to collect in Ste
The Generic Universal Role-Playing System (aka - GURPS) is at it again. This time around, they're bringing you Girl Genius, the hugely popular comic series, straight to your tabletop. The project blen
Being a cargo ship captain may not be the most glorious of jobs, but you do get to see some interesting parts of the galaxy. And when a new trading lane opens up, it's up to you to make the most of it
The Red Queen is coming to her garden soon and she wants to see her roses red, red, RED! It's up to you and the other Wonderland inhabitants to get it done without losing your head over it. Paint the
Vampire: The Masquerade - Rivals is getting a new expansion that brings two new clans to the table. In The Wolf & The Rat, Gangrel and Nosferatu are showing that being a vampire isn't as cool as b
Someday, we might get back to life as usual. That includes tournaments down at the LGS. And if you're going to have an Ashes Reborn tourney, Plaid Hat figures you might as well have some cool stuff fo
Privateer Press is looking to expand the Iron Kingdoms RPG over on Kickstarter with several new books. They've made it past their goal and are into stretch goals. To help things go along, they're show
Sure, D&D takes players into a medieval world and may sometimes have, like,dinosaurs around. But what if you want to go back much, much further and have dinosaurs pretty much everywhere? I mean, t