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Queen Games is looking to upgrade their classic game, Helsinki, with a deluxe edition. It's got a whole ton of acrylic tiles and even includes the game's first expansion. The project is up on Kickstar
Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! It's time to set sail on the high seas for some swashbuckling action. If you're looking to add some pirate flair to your D&D games, you'll want to check out X
Many of you have played Sushi Go! If you liked that game (or even if you haven't played it), you might want to check out the other new games coming from the same publisher, Joey Games. The company is
The next 2-player box for Age of Sigmar is just on the horizon. It's called Arcane Cataclysm and it pits the light of the Lumineth Realm-Lords against the Disciples of Tzeentch. Get a first look insid
Did anyone else's Monday just rocket by? Mine did. And, last night, I actually went out to a build/paint gathering that a group of friends has every couple weeks at the LGS near me. Definitely need to
Who doesn't love a big, fancy, dress-up party? Well... me, technically... Fanciest thing I own is a kinda-nice shirt and some khakis. But I can still live vicariously through my tabletop minis. And th
It's hot outside (here in the northern hemisphere, anyway). Best to stay inside and play some games. And if you're playing anything from Mantic and looking to expand your collection, now's the time to
As always with these previews, I instantly have a shredding guitar solo and colored explosions playing in my head. But waddyagonnado? It's the Power Rangers! The Time Force Ranger Pack is coming soon
Looking for a new class that's in touch with nature in the Iron Kingdoms? A regular Druid not quite doing it for you? Want something more setting-specific? Then you're in luck, because Privateer Press
Games Workshop is excited to be releasing a giant addition to their paints line and they want to celebrate with you. They've announced their Paintathon event that you can join in from just about anywh