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Rival time travelers are trying to erase one-another from existence. That's what's happening in That Time You Killed Me from Pandasaurus Games. But you don't have to kill anyone (and seriously, PLEASE
Harrowdeep is just the beginning of the new season of Warhammer Underworlds. That means that Games Workshop has a lot more they're working on behind the scenes. But what, exactly, are those things and
Fridaaaaaaaaaaaay! WOO! And even though it's a low-key weekend for me, it's still a weekend. So, though I won't be doing terribly much more than watching Netflix and YouTube, I still need some energy
Vision is the ultimate android and soon, he can join your forces in Marvel Champions to take down nefarious foes. Fantasy Flight has announced the new Vision Hero Pack. Check out what this Avenger is
Pathfinder Arena is the new minis game based in the Pathfinder world where players take their heroes and have them fight it out in front of the crowds. Paizo will be bringing the game to Kickstarter N
Z-Man Games is bringing together World of Warcraft and Pandemic with World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King - A Pandemic System Board Game (and also going for the prize of "this year's longest game
Anchors aweigh! The new Elf fleet has hit the waves in Armada. You can pick up their new starter fleet, as well as extra ships and a flier now over at your LGS or online in the Mantic webshop.
Forge World has two new kits available for you to pre-order this week. One's the Legion Destroyers while the other is a new Praetor. You can head over and get your name on the list to bolster your 40k
Well, first off, let's get some appropriate music up in here. There we go. Phalanx Games has announced Purple Haze, a new immersive story-driven game all about leading a squad of Marines on patrol dur
Hold out your plastic pumpkin, grocery bag, or pillowcase, Skirmisher Publishing as a special treat for you. They've got their Trick or Treat II bundle going now. You can save 90% off some of their mo