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This weekend would be an amazing time to run a Vampire: The Masquerade session. And you can even add in a new sourcebook to your game. Sabbat: The Black Hand is now available, fill with new antagonist
We've seen what the Adeptas Sororitas are getting in the new Chalnath box set for Kill Team. Now, we get a look at the T'au, who they'll be facing off against. Get a peek at their stats and special ru
Free League Publishing has announced that they will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for a new, sci-fi RPG. It's called Cy_Borg and it's a cyberpunk version of the popular Mork Borg RPG that recent
Gendered norms are kinda silly. I'm a dude, but I do laundry, cook, and clean because I live alone and nobody else is going to do it. But even when I wasn't living alone, I still did it because it nee
Part of tomorrow's new releases for Infinity, the Ariadna Support Pack... well... brings you some support figures for your Ariadna forces. In this article, we get a deep look into who these three warr
I'd say it's fair to say that 99% of D&D games take place only on the Material Plane. That is, until maybe your game makes it to a high level affair and you might check out one or two others. But
Halfway through the week. I don't actually know if the week's going by quickly, slowly, or as it should. It's just kind of... going. So, I suppose I can't really complain about that. Ah... well... day
Steamforged Games is looking to bring you another board game adaptation of a hit video game. This time around, it's Resident Evil. The Kickstarter campaign for the project is up and running.
For GMs in Pathfinder, there's a ton to keep track of. Adventure notes, maps, monster stats, NPCs, magic items... and that's just the start. Keeping it all together and sorted can be rough. But Paizo
<weewoo weewoo weewoo> Giant Dragon Alert! We have Giant Dragon Alert! And while it's not a dragon figure, it's a book that's anything and everything about dragons. Fizban's Treasury of Dragons