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The Devil Made Us Do It is actually 3 games all in one campaign from Monte Cook Games. Each one has the players looking to turn the tide on the devil, himself, in a set of RPGs that require little to
A new expansion for Chronicles of Drunagor is up on Gamefound. It's the Age of Darkness Darkness Apocalypse set and it brings new missions, new mechanics, new bosses, and plenty of new adventures to g
There's a huge world out there, ready to be explored. It's the far-off future and you're building a team to do some exploring. That's where you find yourself in Earthborne Rangers, a new cooperative d
The Norse gods' world has been destroyed. So, they're looking for a new place to call home. They've spied the Greek Isles and have realized that it might be nice to take a Mediterranean trip. However,
The new Kill Team box set comes with lots of Orky terrain for your tabletop. And if it was just a preview of how the pieces look, that'd make for a regular Terrain Corner entry. However, in this previ
An ancient temple filled with relics that should be in a museum. That's where you find yourself in The Lost Code, a new board game up on Kickstarter. However, the builders wanted the artifacts to stay
Plaid Hat Games has another preview up for the upcoming deck for Ashes. This time around, they're once more delving into Lulu's deck. We get a look at a core strategy of the deck, upgrading things and
Being a Project Manager for a game company requires a ton of commitment, an eye for detail, and extremely high skill in organization. If you have that, then Corvus Belli might be looking for you.
Sure, the ships are the main focus of Armada, but there's a secondary blue ocean up in the sky that is also seeing combat. Fliers have taken to the skies and they're going to change up how the game wo
The new edition of Kill Team rebuilds the game from the ground up. We've seen a lot of previews about minis and how attacks work and such, but what about the fights themselves? Will you just be throwi