Here are some answers to a few of the questions that we are frequently asked at TGN. If you have an issue that isn't addressed by this page or have a new questions then please feel free to contact us. This document is a work in progress and will be updated with new material as we get time to add it and as reader's send us in new questions.


Where does TGN find its news?
The main source of news to the site is from you, the readers. We're always getting news submission and are happy for them! We want to post the news you want to read and the best way to make sure of that is to be attentive to news as it's submitted. We do have other sources of news, such as searching through websites manually for updates, but we wouldn't be anywhere without your help!

How do I submit news?
The most efficient way to submit news to TGN is by using the News Submission form on the site. You can use this to send in news stories as well as URLs to any images that you want to include in the story. The information in the form is sent to all of the writers at TGN which helps to ensure that it will be posted as soon as possible.

Do I need to pay or be a site sponsor to post news?
Not at all. Any company or manufacturer that produces products related to tabletop gaming should feel free to send any news releases or PR they have about their products.
We're happy to post up news from the smallest manufacturer to the biggest game companies out there.

Do I need to pay or be a site sponsor to have images included in my news items?
Not at all.
If you submit a photo with your news item, we'll post it up along with the article.

How do you determine what images get used in a story?
While we always suggest that people include photo links in their stories we typically only use one image per news story unless the news posting is a preview of new miniatures or products. Images are scaled to 300x300 pixels in width to fit into the content area on the site. We sometimes do not use images that are submitted if they are not related to the story directly. We also tend not to post company logos except in the case of a new company.
Also, we do our best to keep the site Work-Safe. So revealing or risque photos will also not be posted.

The main reason for this policy is to keep the load time of the main page to a minimum. TGN has 30 news items on the front page and so in order to keep this page loading as quickly as possible we limit the images we post.

Are there topics that are not "news"?
Typically there are a few areas that we don't post news about. Issues that are perceived to be too regional and product announcements from someone other than the original manufacturer. We do not post "3rd party" restocks of product or sales from 3rd party vendors. If we did that then we might as well be a penny saver magazine. We do not post "We are going to event X" announcements if we find them online but are more than happy to post them if they are submitted by the companies involved.

Are there topic areas that you don't cover?
The site focuses on tabletop gaming, keeping the content to miniatures and pencil and paper RPGs for the most part. We also will dabble with board games, single-deck games (like Killer Bunnies or Munchkin, along with deck-building games) and dice games. Our intent is to keep the site as useful as possible to our readers by keeping the content on the site focused on miniature games and products related to those games.

We also tend to stay away from painting tutorials and other modeling "how-to" articles. The same goes for strategy articles for games. We like to keep the focus of the site on new models and books, and less about the "nuts and bolts" of gaming.

However, if we see something that is deemed "big news" for the "nerd crowd," we may make a special exception and post that as well. Don't fear, we will keep these sorts of posts to only as frequent as these big events happen. So while we don't generally cover video games or movies or things like that, if Activision were to fold up shop tomorrow, we'd tell you about it.

How do I get a product reviewed on TGN?
If you are interested in having a product reviewed by one of the reviewers on TGN, please contact us and we will put you in touch with our Reviews Editor.

Note: When we do reviews, we do them honestly. We're not here to trash your product, but we're not going to be rubber-stamp "Yes men" to it, either (unless we do just find that it has no flaws at all). For a review to be useful, we've got to point out the bad with the good. We're going to be truthful in our opinions. Any less would be a disservice to our readers.


How do I change my Avatar?
We've converted to the Wordpress standard of using  Hit the link, sign up for a free account with the same email address you used on TGN and you'll be able to customize your Avatar on any site that supports Gravatar.

What sort of comments are appropriate for TGN?
TGN has comments enabled for the news items and article that we post. Readers are always welcome to provide comments that pertain to the post or article they are reading. We do ask that people keep their comments limited to the news item, review or article at hand and do not stray into more general topic areas. If people wish to continue a conversation further, please post in TGN Talk. The main site is not intended to be a general hobby message board.

Can I complain about a figure or company?
Complain? No. Critique? Absolutely.

All that we ask is that if you are going to post criticisms of products or companies that you do so in an adult manner and that your criticisms are constructive. We also ask that if you want to critique something that you provide the other readers of TGN something with which to base a dialogue upon. Tell us why you don't like something and explore the topic so other people can respond and build an interesting dialogue.

The internet is filled with message boards and sites that have, to be blunt, negative and crappy comments about minis, games and companies. Short, negative, pissy comments are a dime a dozen on the web and we want to build a community of gamers that post something more interesting when they post comments.

What is constructive criticism?
A comment such as "that mini is horrible" is simply an opinion and don't provide any reasons for the opinion. "That figure looks poorly sculpted because the arms are not propotionate to the body and the face lacks character" is an example of saying the same thing but in a constructive manner. Not only does it tell the sculptor or producer what you don't like but it also provides the readers at TGN an example of why you don't like a figure. The first comment is a conversational dead-end but the second opens up the topic and allows other people to expand on or debate the issue based on something other than an opinion.

Can I critique an advertiser of TGN?
There are no limits on commenting on products or services provided by TGN advertisers as long as those comments are constructive criticism. People who advertise on TGN are as much "fair game" as people who do not.

Is TGN just for "fanboys"?
We don't think so but this is certainly an issue that comes up from time to time. Part of the reason for this is that the staff at TGN tend to take a dim view of people who post negative comments that don't elaborate on the posters reasons for their opinions. People often get quite angry or annoyed at companies, sculptors or other gamers.

We also want to foster a more adult and opinioned culture here at TGN and this often means that people who just want to vent about a figure, game or company often find a less than welcoming atmosphere here.

Some people think that this means that the site only wants to see positive comments. This is simply not the case. What we want to see if well reasoned comments (positive or negative) and we often ask posters who do not want to participate in this to go elsewhere.

Note: We do, however, reserve the right to remove comments as we see fit without notice. We don't make use of this often, but sometimes it is necessary.


How long has the site been in operation?
TGN has been running since September 2005.

How can I advertise on TGN?
Information about ad rates can be obtained using the Advertising Contact Form. Please note, we do not accept ads for products or companies that are outside of the content focus of the site.