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Doteira Games Relaunches Phantom Epoch on Kickstarter: An Epic 40 Mission Sci-Fi Dungeon Crawler

Doteira Games Relaunches Phantom Epoch on Kickstarter: An Epic 40 Mission Sci-Fi Dungeon Crawler

Doteira Games has relaunched its ambitious project, “Phantom Epoch,” on Kickstarter, promising an immersive and intense 40 mission sci-fi dungeon crawler game. With its unique blend of fantasy and science fiction themes, the game combines persistent campaigns, unlockable components, character progression, and engaging tactical combat.

“Phantom Epoch” surpassed its goal of $20,589 within the early stages of the campaign, securing a total of $31,356 with 29 days left to go. The game has already attracted a strong backing, with 264 supporters pledging their contributions to the project, signaling significant interest among board game enthusiasts.

In the game, 1-4 players traverse through multiple planets in a universe where the secrets of interstellar travel are lost. As primitive species wage wars over ancient technology, players must band together to halt a growing threat to the galaxy.

As a fully cooperative roleplaying board game, “Phantom Epoch” offers a choice-driven 40+ mission campaign where players uncover new technology and uncover the true nature of their enemy. Each mission provides its own unique map, objectives, enemies, and challenges. The game also introduces a novel system that randomly determines enemy movements and actions, necessitating adaptive strategies in a continuously evolving gameplay scenario.

Adding to the game’s tactical depth, players can play as few or as many action cards on their turn as they desire, as long as the total action point (AP) value doesn’t exceed their character’s maximum AP. However, this flexibility comes with a strategic caveat – higher AP leads to a more powerful turn, but also delays its execution, potentially shifting the map’s dynamics before the turn comes around.

Unique to “Phantom Epoch” are its innovative HP and condition tracking bases, providing all essential figure-related information at a glance. Additionally, as players progress through the campaign, they’ll unlock new components allowing for extensive character customization.

Doteira Games’ “Phantom Epoch” offers an intense, tactical, and progressive game experience, marking a significant addition to the legacy-like cooperative board game landscape. The Kickstarter campaign will continue to run until July 13.