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Eschaton: Iconoclasm – A New Cooperative Expansion Hits Kickstarter

Eschaton: Iconoclasm – A New Cooperative Expansion Hits Kickstarter

Bringing a New Level of Strategy and Alliance to the Cult Strategy Game

Eschaton, the popular cult strategy deck-building game, has unveiled its latest expansion, “Iconoclasm,” on Kickstarter. Surpassing its funding goal significantly, the project has already garnered over $52,000, with a week remaining in its campaign.

A Cooperative Twist to Eschaton

“Iconoclasm” introduces a cooperative mode to Eschaton, where players work together to raise cults, amassing armies to fortify the Dark One’s empire. The expansion promises an intense battle against the Inquisition, a formidable adversary that challenges players at every turn.

The Inquisition: A Formidable Foe

The Inquisition, an AI-driven adversary in the game, strategically invades the realm, bolstering their resources and tightening their grip. As they conquer territories, their resolve strengthens, making them a more significant threat to players’ cults. The resolve track, a new feature in “Iconoclasm,” plays a central role in escalating the Inquisition’s threat level.

Tactics and Territory: The Core of Iconoclasm

In “Iconoclasm,” players must be strategic in their territorial conquests and tactical plays. Every turn, the Inquisition deploys tactics from their deck, increasing their potency as the game progresses. If the Inquisition manages to play through their entire Tactics deck or control enough relics, they win the game.

Resources, Champions, and the Citadel

Resources play a crucial role, with the Inquisition gathering them to bolster their forces and eventually rally their knights towards the Citadel. The Citadel stands as a key location in the game – its fall signals defeat for the players. Arbiter tokens, representing powerful Inquisitor units, add an extra layer of challenge.

New Components and Enhanced Gameplay

“Iconoclasm” is not just an expansion in narrative but also in gameplay mechanics. It includes new Fiends, Edicts, and Auras, as well as a range of event cards, enhancing replayability and adding suspense to each game.