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Operation Maelstrom – Starfighters and Outpost: 2nd Dynasty’s New 3D-Printables is Now on Kickstarter

Operation Maelstrom – Starfighters and Outpost: 2nd Dynasty’s New 3D-Printables is Now on Kickstarter

2nd Dynasty, known for creating 3D printable tabletop terrain, miniatures, and starships, has taken to Kickstarter to crowdfund their latest venture – Operation Maelstrom – Starfighters and Outpost. This tabletop game venture brings a remarkable blend of intricate design and creative storytelling to the gaming table.

Operation Maelstrom has already received overwhelming support from the gaming community, amassing $16,165, nearly doubling its initial $8,750 goal. With 236 backers to date and 24 days left in the campaign ending on July 13, 2nd Dynasty’s exciting new project is quickly gaining momentum.

The Kickstarter campaign presents an assortment of 3D printable, highly detailed, OpenLOCK aerospace vehicles, accessories, and a modular outpost, all specifically crafted for 28mm scale tabletop gaming. The 3D models come as digital STL files and can be easily printed in less than a day, offering gamers a personalized and immersive experience.

“Over the last six years, we’ve refined our design process, increasing the fidelity, printability, and quality of our range to incredible standards,” 2nd Dynasty’s team stated in their Kickstarter campaign. This prowess is evident in the eight new aerospace vehicles introduced in Operation Maelstrom.

Key designs include the ASF-09A Firefly and ASF-09S Astrofire, both lightly armed tactical aerospace fighters, the Spidercrab, a utility craft originally designed for salvage and recovery missions, and the Wolfram AH-222 Stinger, an enclosed rotor Attack Helicopter. These vehicles can be customised with swappable weapons systems and landing gear, providing gamers with various strategic possibilities.

In addition to the spacecrafts, the campaign introduces an exciting feature: the Modular Outpost and Modular Control Tower. The Outpost, designed to be prefabricated and rapidly assembled on site, serves as a quick fortification in hostile environments, furthering the immersive gameplay. Accessories to customize the craft or outpost are also included, adding an extra layer of personalisation.

The campaign offers two core pledge levels: ‘Aerospace Vehicles’ and ‘All-In.’ The former offers the eight new aerospace vehicles, while the latter comes with additional campaign-exclusive add-ons. There are also early bird specials and special pricing for the members of 2nd Dynasty’s Tribes.