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Street-Level Chaos: Gutter Bowl Expansion Takes Blood Bowl to the Urban Battlegrounds of the Old World

Street-Level Chaos: Gutter Bowl Expansion Takes Blood Bowl to the Urban Battlegrounds of the Old World

Fans of the renowned fantasy sport Blood Bowl are all set for a refreshing change. The game is famed for its high stakes, riveting strategy, and the maddening bureaucracy it often entails. To bypass the tedious forms, sponsorships, and rules, the game enthusiasts are now taking to the streets (and sewers) of cities across the land with the all-new Gutter Bowl: The Game of Street-Level Fantasy Football Mayhem.

The Gutter Bowl expansion offers a no-holds-barred version of the original game, without the referees to monitor the action. It’s Blood Bowl on the streets; it’s chaotic, it’s raw, it’s a literal riot.

The concept of Gutter Bowl first arose in downtown Altdorf in 2475. After a contentious finale led to fans getting ousted from rival taverns, a melee ensued. The brawl lasted for five hours until the football was torn apart. Both pubs claimed a half of the ball as a trophy, though the actual winner remains a mystery to this day.

While exceptionally violent and more chaotic than the most Nuffle-blasted game of Blood Bowl, this urban variant of the game has now become a clandestine pastime. It is banned in most cities and settlements, but zealous fans keep it alive by attempting to formalise its peculiarities. Established guidelines have evolved it into a genuinely enjoyable spectacle instead of an endless, formless brawl.

The Gutter Bowl expansion brings a 32-page rulebook, two game boards and matching dugouts, all packed in a box. The rulebook explains how amateur players can participate in the action, beating the snot out of each other in the streets and sewers of the Old World and argue with the City Watch that it was just a zealous tackle.

With a change in terrain, the rules are modified as well. The facades of market stalls and the grimy walls of sewers can be used to ricochet the ball, while the treacherous drains provide unique hazards filled with effluents. New Kick-Off Events, inspired by the surroundings, guarantee that no two games are alike. And with barely any security, unruly fans and secret weapons can run amok, adding an unpredictable element to each game.

Gutter Bowl is coming soon.