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Future Me Problems Card Game Up On Mattel Creations

Future Me Problems Card Game Up On Mattel Creations

I love a lot of webcomics. One of my favorites is Sarah’s Scribbles. Her take on life is just amazing and makes me laugh every time. Soon, you’ll be able to share in her struggles with Future Me Problems, a new card game that’s up on Mattel Creations now.

From the campaign:

Future Me Problems taps into all the responsibilities we would rather put off but in a way only lazy lumps like us can truly appreciate. It’s a card game that not only celebrates procrastination—it rewards you for it! We teamed up with Sarah Andersen to help produce this hilarious card game based on her award-winning webcomic, Sarah’s Scribbles. Here’s how it works:

  •    You have two decks of cards – the SCHEDULE DECK and the ACTIVITY DECK.
  •    Schedule cards allow you to draw Activity cards. Sometimes you’ll draw annoying RESPONSIBILITIES that COST you points. Other times you’ll draw happy little DISTRACTIONS that EARN you points.
  •    Every Activity card you draw brings you closer to the LARGE, IMPORTANT TASK card lurking somewhere in the middle of the deck so you’ll need to be professional about your procrastination.
  •    Once someone draws the LARGE, IMPORTANT TASK card the game ends and the player with the most points from their Activity cards wins.

Just play your Schedule cards right and you can force the other players to deal with all the responsibilities.

The campaign is up and running now with 29 days left to go.