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Decoding Cold War Mysteries: ‘The Medusa Report’ is On Kickstarter Now

Decoding Cold War Mysteries: ‘The Medusa Report’ is On Kickstarter Now

Diorama, the creative minds behind “The Vandermist Dossier,” has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their latest tabletop puzzle game, “The Medusa Report.” With 22 days still left in the campaign, they have already surpassed their initial goal of $12,877, with pledges currently totaling $51,751 and 701 backers enthusiastically supporting the project.

“The Medusa Report” is a thrilling adventure that takes players on a journey through Cold War secrets, shadowy agencies, and mysterious family ties. This analogue tabletop game challenges players to solve intricate puzzles and uncover the truth behind an old spy’s disappearance, a 1974 infiltration mission, and a nuclear physicist.

In this immersive game, players become part of the narrative as they decode classified letters, study a tactical map, and unravel the secrets of an old floppy disk. Designed to provide a captivating experience without the need for a rule sheet or time limit, “The Medusa Report” is estimated to offer around 150 minutes of gameplay. It’s designed for one to four players, with each deciphered message unveiling more of the gripping story and providing new leads to the next puzzle.

This Cold War-themed puzzle adventure is the second chapter in a trilogy revolving around characters Abigail and Helena. Although it continues the story from the first game, “The Medusa Report” is a standalone experience that can be played independently. For those interested in the full narrative, a package deal featuring both chapters is available on the campaign page.

One of the unique aspects of “The Medusa Report” is its ability to be reset and regifted. Diorama has ensured that the game can be repackaged and passed on without any components needing to be destroyed or altered. In this way, the company celebrates and encourages the sharing of games within its community, even if it means the product isn’t purchased new by each player.

“The Medusa Report” is a revamped version of a game Diorama initially published in Dutch. The developers have taken the opportunity to redesign it completely, improving the puzzles, enhancing the realism of the game components, and refining the narrative with the assistance of acclaimed writer Manda Whitney.