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Modiphius Entertainment Launches “Raiders of the Serpent Sea”

Modiphius Entertainment Launches “Raiders of the Serpent Sea”

New Expansion Brings Viking Era to Popular Roleplaying Game

Modiphius Entertainment has released a new adventure book titled “Raiders of the Serpent Sea” for the 5th Edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. This latest expansion, designed by the lead creator of “Dragon: Age Origins” and published by Arcanum Worlds, offers a unique Norse mythology experience to roleplaying game enthusiasts.

An Epic Norse Adventure

Set in the same universe as the acclaimed “Odyssey of the Dragonlords” campaign, “Raiders of the Serpent Sea” places players in the shoes of Viking raiders. The game’s narrative revolves around the mythical land of Grimnir, a world inhabited by monstrous creatures and threatened by the impending doom of Ragnarök.

Game Features and Content

The expansion encompasses 12 chapters, allowing character development from level 1 to 16. It introduces new elements to the 5th Edition gameplay, including additional backgrounds, races, and class archetypes that seamlessly integrate the Viking theme into the game. The book also contains over 100 new stat blocks for NPCs and monsters, designed to challenge players at every stage.

Background Story

“Raiders of the Serpent Sea” is set against the backdrop of a world recovering from destruction at the hands of the Yoten. Players, as descendants of the survivors who rebuilt in Grimnir, face the looming threat of the Yoten’s return, a prophecy foretold by seers in the game’s lore.

Resources for Gameplay

The expansion is available in print, featuring a Player’s Guide and Campaign Guide filled with detailed lore and illustrations. For Game Masters, additional resources such as a custom GM screen, maps, and Game Master cards are available to enhance the gameplay experience.

“Raiders of the Serpent Sea” promises to add a fresh and immersive experience to the 5th Edition roleplaying game, drawing players into a world inspired by Norse mythology and Viking sagas. The expansion is now available for purchase on the Modiphius website.