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New Fallout Tabletop Game Miniatures Revealed: Enclave Assault Force and More

New Fallout Tabletop Game Miniatures Revealed: Enclave Assault Force and More

Modiphius unveiled several new additions to its Fallout lineup during the recent #FalloutFriday update. Exciting releases such as Enclave Assault Force, Reilly’s Rangers, and Metal Dome models promise to enhance the gameplay experience and bring unique dynamics to the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout.

The Enclave Assault Force, despite its ominous reputation, is acknowledged for the efficiency of its soldiers. Unlike their more heavily armed comrades in the Black Devil armor, the Assault forces consist mainly of trainees guided on covert missions by experienced Spec Ops members. Despite their aggressive and sometimes ruthless approach, they undeniably add a formidable challenge to the game.

Modiphius also revealed Reilly’s Rangers, a set of mercenary models that stand out in the ruthless Wasteland. While they may be guns-for-hire, these characters follow a surprisingly strict moral code – a rare attribute among mercenaries in the post-apocalyptic world. Operating out of the Capital Wasteland, Reilly’s Rangers are always eager to take on the next mission, their unique armor adorned with a four-leafed clover emblem indicative of their positive mindset.

Modiphius’ final reveal was the Metal Dome, an infamous locale in Appalachia that serves as a dangerous fighting pit for rust-obsessed raiders. This grizzly setting, studded with rust-eaten debris, spikes, and lost limbs, promises to offer a hazardous and thrilling in-game environment. While it might not be the most inviting place in the Wasteland, the Metal Dome certainly adds an element of danger and surprise to the Fallout tabletop game.