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Paizo Announces Starfinder Second Edition and Reveals Exciting Details

Paizo Announces Starfinder Second Edition and Reveals Exciting Details

Paizo has announced the second edition of the Starfinder roleplaying game. Launched in 2017, Starfinder became a pivotal release standing alongside Paizo’s stalwart Pathfinder brand. The second edition aims to take this galactic journey even further.

The highlight of this announcement is the compatibility of Starfinder Second Edition with the soon-to-be-released Pathfinder Remastered rulebooks. Moving forward, all Pathfinder content will be compatible with Starfinder Second Edition and vice-versa, subject to the discretion of individual game masters.

An open playtest, more extensive than any Paizo has launched before, is scheduled for Summer 2024. In anticipation, Paizo released its inaugural Starfinder Field Test today. This new approach offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the game’s ongoing development rather than the conventional playtest files. The current document offers a sneak peek into the first five levels of the soldier class, along with rules for futuristic weaponry and several new creatures.

Four initial classes that will be part of the upcoming Starfinder Playtest Rulebook were also introduced:

  1. The Mystic: A spellcasting class that builds a bond with allies to provide various bonuses or healing capabilities. Chk Chk, an iconic shirren, is the newly introduced face for this class, which revolves around converting suffering into artistic expression through his deity, Zon-Shelyn.
  2. The Soldier: Showcased in the Field Test, the soldier excels in offense and defense. The iconic vesk soldier, Obozaya, makes a return, adjusting her combat style to focus on heavy weapons but not forsaking her melee roots.
  3. The Envoy and the Solarian: These two classes are still in development. The iconic envoy, Navasi, is set to return with years of adventuring experience. A newly teased solarian iconic, representing the feline pahtra species, hints at an exciting development – the introduction of the pahtra as a core ancestry in Starfinder Second Edition.

Concept sketches of these iconic characters by artist Kent Hamilton accompany the announcement, teasing the visual evolution of Starfinder’s beloved figures.

For fans brimming with questions, Paizo has launched a Frequently Asked Questions page dedicated to Starfinder Second Edition. This resource, along with the Starfinder Playtest page, will keep enthusiasts updated on the latest developments.

As the Starfinder Team embarks on this new interstellar adventure, they’ve expressed eagerness to have the gaming community by their side in crafting this ambitious new chapter.