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Symbaroum’s Davokar Awakens Unveils First Art and Features

Symbaroum’s Davokar Awakens Unveils First Art and Features

The Forest of Davokar trembles as darkness spreads its suffocating embrace. Today, Free League Publishing has unveiled the first artwork and key features for Davokar Awakens, the eagerly awaited expansion for the critically acclaimed dark fantasy role-playing game Symbaroum. As the Eternal Night descends upon the land, pre-orders for Davokar Awakens are now live on the Free League webshop, offering early access to a full PDF of the expansion ahead of its retail release in the fourth quarter of 2023. Additionally, the pre-order campaign includes an exclusive digital artbook featuring breathtaking illustrations by Gustaf Ekelund and Martin Grip.

The Forest of Davokar has long been shackled, imprisoning the malevolence within its ancient woods. However, this primordial darkness has broken free from its chains, surging in all directions and presenting the living with an arduous battle against a relentless horde of merciless foes. But amidst the encroaching despair, a glimmer of hope remains.

Prepare to embark on the final chapter of the epic Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns, where the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Symbaroum: Davokar Awakens, the sixth installment of this enthralling saga, promises to push adventurers to their limits. Whether experienced as standalone adventures or woven together into a grand campaign, these episodes will test the mettle of all who dare face the darkness.

Renowned artists Martin Grip (The One Ring™ RPG, Blade Runner RPG, ALIEN RPG) and Gustaf Ekelund (Coriolis, Twilight: 2000, ALIEN RPG) have masterfully crafted the captivating art for Davokar Awakens. Game writer Mattias Johnsson Haake, co-creator of Symbaroum, lends his expertise to the adventure’s design.

Symbaroum: Davokar Awakens boasts an array of thrilling features:

  • Davokar Awakens adventure: Players have a chance to influence the battle for the Throne of Thorns, and consequently, the future of the game world.
  • Detailed maps and descriptions of a dozen adventure locations, teeming with formidable challenges, enigmatic characters, mystical treasures, and historical artifacts.
  • Guidelines for traversing the awakened Davokar, complemented by new event tables and over a dozen pre-made scenes for seamless integration into any campaign.
  • A chapter dedicated to the struggle against the encroaching darkness, featuring descriptions of both defensive and offensive units.
  • New treasure tables, artifacts, and a customized list of mishaps that can befall unprepared or ill-equipped adventurers.

To celebrate the release of Davokar Awakens, Free League Publishing offers a pre-order bundle comprising four double-sided full-color adventure maps at a discounted price. Additionally, during the pre-order period, a Foundry Virtual Tabletop (VTT) Bundle will be available, featuring modules for all six episodes of the Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns. While the first five episodes are already playable, the sixth and final episode will receive a complete update to ensure a fully immersive experience upon its official release.