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The Walking Dead Universe RPG Released by Free League Publishing

The Walking Dead Universe RPG Released by Free League Publishing

Free League Publishing has officially released the highly anticipated The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game, a new adventure set in the harrowing, post-apocalyptic world of the popular TV series. Fans of the franchise can now immerse themselves in a universe where survival against all odds is the key to existence.

A World of Survival and Self-Discovery

In The Walking Dead Universe RPG, players take on the roles of individuals struggling to survive amid a hostile world overrun by walkers. The game challenges players to navigate through a myriad of dangers, including scarcity of essential supplies, internal group conflicts, structural vulnerabilities in their safe havens, and, of course, the ever-present threat of walkers.

Availability and Access

The RPG is now available for purchase through the Free League webstore and will soon hit hobby stores worldwide. It is also offered as a Foundry VTT-module and as a PDF at DriveThruRPG, catering to various preferences of the gaming community.

Backer Fulfillment and Expectations

For backers of the game, fulfillment has commenced despite some delays. Free League Publishing assures that all backers’ packages are in the process of being dispatched, prioritizing them over new orders.

Unique Gameplay: Campaign and Survival Modes

The Walking Dead Universe RPG offers two distinct modes of play:

  • Campaign Mode: Here, the storyline is shaped by the players’ goals, choices, and collective efforts.
  • Survival Mode: Players are thrust into a perilous situation that demands immediate resolution. This mode often incorporates locations and characters from the TV series.

The game is designed to be intense, with high stakes and stress levels. It utilizes the acclaimed Year Zero Engine, renowned for its use in other award-winning games by Free League, such as the ALIEN RPG, Blade Runner RPG, and Mutant: Year Zero. However, the rules are specially tailored for The Walking Dead Universe.

This RPG is a co-production between AMC Networks and Free League Publishing. The development involved close collaboration with key figures behind The Walking Dead franchise, including Chief Content Officer Scott M. Gimple. The game promises to introduce new story elements while drawing inspiration from the existing TV series and upcoming spin-offs.

The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game offers fans and RPG enthusiasts a chance to delve deeper into the world of their beloved franchise. With its dual gameplay modes and intricate storytelling, the game promises an immersive experience that mirrors the existential challenges and moral dilemmas faced by characters in the TV series. As the game rolls out in various formats, it marks a significant addition to the realm of tabletop roleplaying games, particularly for fans of The Walking Dead Universe.