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Imperial Crusade Recon Squad Miniatures Surpass Kickstarter Goal Ahead of Deadline

Imperial Crusade Recon Squad Miniatures Surpass Kickstarter Goal Ahead of Deadline

Spearheaded by ex-Forge World and Citadel Miniatures designer Stephen May, the project has already surpassed its funding goal, with $25,692 pledged of a $1,271 goal and 211 backers. With just 4 days remaining until the campaign ends on December 4, the excitement among the miniature gaming community is palpable.

A Blend of Historical and Sci-Fi Elements

Stephen May, with over 30 years of experience in the hobby and 16 years in miniature design, has infused the Imperial Crusade Recon Squad with a unique blend of historical and sci-fi elements. Drawing inspiration from modern Special Forces, 15th-century armor, 16th-century clothing, and retro sci-fi artwork and movies, May’s designs promise a fresh take on the genre, which he defines as ‘Historical Sci-fi’.

Exceptional Quality and Design

The miniatures, showcased as pre-production 3D prints on the Kickstarter page, will be cast in high-quality resin and provided in multiple components for customization. Each model features interchangeable arms, adding to the versatility and appeal for collectors and gamers alike.

Expanding the Squad

The base pledge includes a squad of five Recon Crusaders, each a veteran of countless battles on the Dead Earth. The current unlocks have enhanced this offering with five extra heads and five extra Chain Blades per squad. Additional figures, such as a Sergeant, Heavy Weapon support, and a Force Commander model, are also available, along with an option to add another five models to the pledge.

Stretch Goals Galore

The project’s overwhelming success has unlocked several stretch goals, with more on the horizon. These include sets of arms holding rifles, shotguns, Sniper Rifles with cloaks, and even a Recon Master Sniper model equipped with custom rifle and bespoke armor. Higher stretch goals promise further additions like a Missile Launcher option for the Heavy Weapon Operator and unique heads and chain blade options for the Recon Squads.

A Glimpse into the Future

With the funding well exceeding its initial goal, Stephen May hints at the potential for future expansions, including a special Heavy Recon Squad inspired by ancient Iron and Bronze Age armors and styles. This addition would further cement the unique historical and sci-fi fusion that defines the Imperial Crusade Recon Squad.