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Warlord Games Releases ‘Sepoy General’ Wellesley Miniature as December’s Soldier of Fortune

Warlord Games Releases ‘Sepoy General’ Wellesley Miniature as December’s Soldier of Fortune

Warlord Games has unveiled its latest Soldier of Fortune figure: ‘Old Nosey’, Sir Arthur Wellesley, known for his role in the Battle of Assaye and later as the Duke of Wellington. This exclusive release follows last month’s miniature of Emperor Napoleon, Wellesley’s most famous adversary.

A Tribute to a Lesser-Known Chapter

The December Soldier of Fortune miniature portrays Wellesley during his time in India, specifically at the Battle of Assaye in September 1803. This battle marked Wellesley’s first major victory, which he would later describe as his finest accomplishment, surpassing even his success at Waterloo.

Historical Significance and Expert Craftsmanship

The term ‘sepoy general’, used by Napoleon to mockingly refer to Wellesley, highlights his time in India commanding sepoys, professional Indian infantrymen. The miniature captures Wellesley astride his horse, Diomed, in a Major-General’s uniform, complete with a sunhat for the Indian climate. The figure was brought to life by Design Studio Painter Kirsten Williams, showcasing exceptional skill and attention to detail.

Versatility for Gamers and Collectors

The figure is not only a valuable addition for historical enthusiasts focusing on the British in India during the Black Powder era but also serves as an excellent stand-in for less famous commanders of the period. Additionally, it can be used as a generic spymaster or intelligence officer in the Peninsular campaign of the Napoleonic Wars.

Limited Availability

Wellesley’s figure is part of Warlord Games’ unique initiative where each month, a special figure is made available exclusively through their webstore. These figures are available for one month only, after which they become unavailable for a minimum of two years. Wellesley’s miniature, only available during December 2023, is part of a sequential collection, offering collectors a chance to own a piece of meticulously crafted historical representation.