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Games Workshop Prviews New Archons For Kill Team

Games Workshop Prviews New Archons For Kill Team

The new Kill Team box set, Soulshackle, is due up for pre-orders this weekend. We’ve gotten a look at some of the models. Now, we get a look at the other half. In this instance, it’s Archons from the Drukhari. See what these new kits consist of in this preview.

From the article:

Archons are the oft-disputed rulers of the Drukhari Kabals, surrounded by exotic courtiers and elite attendants. When these cartel-masters need something done right, they assemble a squad of expert agents – their Hand – armed with an exotic arsenal of macabre materiel to aid the hunt.

Kill Team: Soulshackle is available to pre-order this Saturday, pitting a Hand of the Archon* against a crack team of Adeptus Arbites in a race to secure a valuable prisoner.