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“Dangerous Space”: A New Solo Tactical Game Launches on Kickstarter

“Dangerous Space”: A New Solo Tactical Game Launches on Kickstarter

A new solo roll & write game, “Dangerous Space,” has captivated Kickstarter backers, reaching $25,138 in pledges, well over its modest $100 goal. With 1,516 backers and only 65 hours left until its December 2nd deadline, this game by PNP Arcade Publishing is the much-awaited follow-up to 2023’s hit, “Dungeon Pages.”

Dangerous Space: Starship Spelunking Adventure

“Dangerous Space” offers a unique dungeon crawl experience set in the realm of futuristic starships. The game focuses on tactical dice management and careful placement, challenging players to navigate through space, racing against time while dodging enemy lasers and confronting deep space terrors. With a higher emphasis on puzzle-optimizing challenges and an all-new tech tree, “Dangerous Space” promises an exhilarating solo gaming experience.

The Core Set and Year-Long Adventure

The core set of “Dangerous Space” features four cadets – Donzi, Weaver, Oolat, and Bakshi – each with distinct playstyles and tech trees. These characters embark on dangerous missions within a treacherous ship, offering players a rich variety of gameplay experiences. In addition, the game includes a year-long adventure where players receive a new mission sheet every Friday throughout 2024, introducing new characters, tech trees, and ships monthly.

Dungeon Pages: The Predecessor

“Dungeon Pages,” the precursor to “Dangerous Space,” was PNP Arcade Publishing’s first roll & write game. It combined dungeon crawling with a puzzly dice system for quick, 20-minute gameplay sessions. The success of “Dungeon Pages,” which featured a core set and a year-long adventure with weekly new sheets, paved the way for the development of “Dangerous Space.”

Overland Adventures: Expanding Dungeon Pages

In addition to “Dangerous Space,” the Kickstarter campaign also introduces “Dungeon Pages: Overland Adventures.” Scheduled for release in 2024, this expansion moves the adventure outdoors with new heroes, items, monsters, relics, and weapons. It also includes new gameplay elements like merchants, side quests, and boss fights. Each new quest sheet introduces a unique hero who controls two of the Elemental Magics, adding depth and variety to the gameplay.