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Defeat Fae Monsters and Battle Time in Weirdwood Manor, the New Co-Op Board Game on Kickstarter

Defeat Fae Monsters and Battle Time in Weirdwood Manor, the New Co-Op Board Game on Kickstarter

Weirdwood Manor, a new board game by Greyridge Games, is having success on Kickstarter, having raised over CA$235,000 from a modest goal of CA$25,000 with 19 days left to go. The campaign ends on May 11. It took only 17 minutes to fully fund the game.

The game is a co-operative adventure of strategy and time, where players battle evil monsters and minions within an ever-shifting magical manor. Players enter the world of Weirdwood Manor, where the magical and dangerous realm of the Fae intersects with the everyday world of the Real.

Players assume the role of one of six asymmetrically designed characters and can play solo or join up to four other valiant companions at the nexus of these two worlds; the actual Manor itself, ruled over by the enigmatic Lady Weirdwood. The Manor is a mysterious and deceptive place where rooms and the pathways between them can shift as time progresses. The game features a unique temporal mechanic where actions in the game can move time forward and the connections between the rooms will shift via rotating corridor rings on the game board.

To win the game, players must defeat one of three Fae Monsters before time runs out or before any of their unique loss conditions trigger. Each Fae Monster brings its own unique mechanics and challenges that players must overcome. The monsters also bring along their Clockwork Scarab minions, who infest rooms and make life difficult for players.

The game features a randomized deck of Fae Monster cards, ensuring that each game will be different and challenging. Players will have to master the unique behaviors of each monster in order to emerge victorious.

Weirdwood Manor is suitable for 1 to 5 players, and the gameplay is designed for ages 14 and up. The Kickstarter campaign ends on May 11, so interested players still have time to pledge and secure their copy of this exciting new game.