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Creator of Microscope Launches ‘In This World’ on Kickstarter – A Game that Dares to Question Reality

Creator of Microscope Launches ‘In This World’ on Kickstarter – A Game that Dares to Question Reality

Ben Robbins, the mastermind behind Microscope, is once again breaking boundaries with his latest endeavor, “In This World,” now live on Kickstarter. The campaign has garnered $16,098 from 430 backers against a $2,000 goal with 33 days still left, ending on June 21st.

“In This World” isn’t your conventional board game. It invites players to challenge the rules of reality and reimagine the world as they know it.

Robbins’ new game is a fast-paced exploration of imagination and creation, with a simple starting point: pick a subject – be it nations, education, music, pets – and start discussing how it functions in the real world. Then, ask the magic question: “What if one of these norms wasn’t true?” This forms the basis of creating new, alternate realities.

For instance, imagine a world where adults regularly take sabbaticals from work to attend school, or a world where Jedi refuse to kill, cherishing the life force flowing through all beings. What about a world where pets roam free and people track them just to say hi? “In This World” is all about these ‘what if’ moments that lead to creating strings of worlds.

“In This World” is an incredibly inclusive game, needing no game master or preparation. Three to five players can jump in and start reimagining reality. Experience isn’t a factor – newcomers and experienced players alike are welcome.

As Robbins puts it, “In This World” isn’t just a game about creating new worlds, but a tool to examine assumptions and a brainstorming machine. Each world created is independent, focusing on different facets of the topic at hand. This approach allows players to explore multiple perspectives and possibilities without any pressure, making it a fun and creative exercise.

While “In This World” is designed as a game, Robbins also sees potential for its use in educational settings. By facilitating conversations about complex subjects in a playful, interactive manner, it could serve as a useful tool for educators.

Robbins, who ran Story Games Seattle for eight years, teaching total strangers how to play together, believes that playing together can make us better people. Creating together and building on each other’s contributions is one of the most thoughtful things we can do, and “In This World” promotes this belief to its core.

Backers of this Kickstarter will not only receive this innovative game, but will also be supporting Robbins in his ongoing quest to develop unique, thought-provoking games. Despite being a solo designer, Robbins has repeatedly proven that his creativity knows no bounds.