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Revamped and Ready: Fantasy Flight Games Unveils Updated Rules for Marvel Champions: The Card Game

Revamped and Ready: Fantasy Flight Games Unveils Updated Rules for Marvel Champions: The Card Game

Fantasy Flight Games has just rolled out a significant update to the Rules Reference for the fan-favorite Marvel Champions: The Card Game. Lead designer Tony Fanchi took to the company’s blog to detail the changes and improvements that version 1.5 brings to the game.

According to Fanchi, the changes made in this new update are designed to address some of the more common questions and concerns players had with the previous version of the Rules Reference. A main focus of this update is to enhance the game’s immersive qualities and avoid scenarios that may break that immersion.

One such example of immersion-breaking scenarios was the “change the game” rule, which allowed players to initiate certain abilities even if they did not affect the game state. The update replaces this rule with more precise targeting rules that restrict the activation of abilities to instances where there is a valid target.

These valid targets, as Fanchi explained, are any that can be affected by the ability. This change allows for more dynamic gameplay, while also maintaining the spirit of the original rule.

Another substantial modification in this update is the refinement of the “permanent” keyword rule. Cards with this keyword will no longer count towards a player’s minimum or maximum deck size. As these cards are never shuffled into a player’s deck or the encounter deck, they instead will be set aside at the start of the setup.

The design team has also introduced a more formalized setup process, integrating steps for campaign setup and the setup keyword. This aims to make setting up the game more streamlined and consistent, as well as addressing the varying setup conditions of the game’s 35 scenarios.

Errata have also been given a fair amount of attention in the update. Several technical edits and clarifications have been made to better articulate the game’s rules and interactions. Of note, the cards Cosmo, James Rhodes, Ms. Marvel, and “Go for Champions!” have all seen changes aimed at balancing their effects and limiting problematic interactions.

Fanchi concluded the announcement by assuring fans that, as Marvel Champions continues to grow and evolve with every release, so will its ruleset. The design team is committed to making the Rules Reference as complete and navigable as possible.