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Silicon Valley Meets Board Gaming: Triple Meeple’s Disrupt Campaign is on Kickstarter Now

Silicon Valley Meets Board Gaming: Triple Meeple’s Disrupt Campaign is on Kickstarter Now

Triple Meeple has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their latest board game, “.disrupt”. The economic board game is a foray into the high-stakes world of Silicon Valley startups. With fully asymmetric gameplay and mechanics inspired by worker placement and card-driven strategies, this game challenges players to become the next Unicorn Startup in the tech industry.

Designed for 1-4 players aged 14 and above, “.disrupt” takes players through a thrilling 90-minute journey into the cutthroat world of technology startups. The game boasts four fully asymmetric roles: The Startup Entrepreneur, The Market Leader, the Angel Investor, and the Business Process Outsourcer.

The immersive gameplay encourages players to design, develop, and market high-tech projects. They are required to buy and sell shares, fortify their brand, manipulate the market, and influence the Social Hype track. Each player will have unique abilities that they can use to gain an advantage over their opponents.

The game employs strategic bargaining, bluffing, and visionary planning, challenging players to outsmart their opponents and emerge as the Tech Titan of our era. The game beautifully marries the themes of cutting-edge technology with the exciting elements of stock market games.

Players can choose their roles to match their playing style, deciding whether they fit best as a Startupper, Angel Investor, BPO, or Market Leader. The game demands careful management of resources for designing, implementing, and delivering new technology. Marketing and promotion play a crucial role in ensuring project success or trapping opponents in bad investments.

“.disrupt” also incorporates an Event mechanism that could boost certain markets, urging players to remain flexible in their investments and timing their strategic pivots. With clever card-play, players can manipulate the market to their advantage, increasing their Brand Equity and extending advantageous offers to their opponents.

Negotiation and bluffing are at the heart of “.disrupt”. Alliances can be formed, but can be broken just as quickly. In the end, there can be only one winner.