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High Elves Join Summoner Wars Second Edition: An In-Depth Look at the Latest Faction

High Elves Join Summoner Wars Second Edition: An In-Depth Look at the Latest Faction

Plaid Hat Games has revealed an exciting new update for Summoner Wars Second Edition, introducing the High Elves faction through a series of blog posts released over the last few days. Fans of the game have been treated to a detailed preview, outlining the roles of these new units and the unique abilities they bring to the battlefield.

A Balance of War and Peace

In the initial preview, the High Elves are introduced as a faction that values equilibrium, embodied by the characters of the Arbiter of War and Arbiter of Peace. The Arbiter of War amplifies combat prowess, boosting the strength of friend and foe alike. In contrast, the Arbiter of Peace is a protective force, creating a safe haven amidst the chaos of the battlefield. Balancing the power of these two contrasting forces is key to mastering the High Elves gameplay.

Guardians of Justice and Healing

In the second post, the preview introduces the Arbiter of Justice and the Attendant Priest. The Arbiter of Justice discourages attackers, while the Attendant Priest brings healing abilities to the High Elves faction. These unique units further showcase the High Elves’ dedication to balance and harmony, reflecting their strategic and measured approach to the game.

The Laws of the High Elves

The third preview expands upon the role of Valeria, whose word is law within the High Elves faction. Valeria’s laws introduce new boons and restrictions for players. The Law of Liberty grants common units greater flexibility in choosing between attacking and moving. The Law of Sanctity provides protection for summoners, and the Law of Loyalty encourages aggressive strategies centered around the summoner. Valeria’s laws bring a unique dynamic to the High Elves gameplay, adding an extra layer of complexity and strategy.

Meet the Champions

The final preview post introduces the High Elves’ champions – Titus the Devout, Cassia the Gentle, and Albus the Wise. Titus is a stalwart defender, Cassia offers area healing to friendly and enemy commons, and Albus has the ability to temporarily neutralize abilities of a nearby common unit. Each champion contributes their unique abilities to the High Elves roster, enhancing their strategic options and battlefield presence.

Plaid Hat Games has given Summoner Wars fans a thorough look at the High Elves faction, from their unique gameplay mechanics to their individual units. This faction’s focus on balance and strategy offers a fresh perspective on the game, and it will be exciting to see how these units reshape the battlefield.