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Ares Games to Release English Edition of ‘Fantasy World’: An RPG Adventure Powered by the Apocalypse System

Ares Games to Release English Edition of ‘Fantasy World’: An RPG Adventure Powered by the Apocalypse System

Ares Games has announced the upcoming release of “Fantasy World,” an immersive RPG based on the popular “Powered by the Apocalypse” system. Originally designed by Alessandro Piroddi and Luca Maiorani and published by MS Edizioni, this game requires both strategic planning and imaginative flair, providing players with dramatic, fantasy adventures.

Funded successfully through a Kickstarter campaign in May 2021, the eagerly anticipated game is set to hit retail stores in August 2023, right after the backers’ fulfillments are completed. This summer release is not just limited to the core book of “Fantasy World.” Alongside, gamers can also look forward to the release of the supplement “Kosmohedron,” an anthology of quick-settings designed to enrich the game experience, as well as a special Fantasy World Dice Set.

“Fantasy World” presents an interactive realm where magic is tangible, gods are silent, cities are few and far between, and every journey comes with its perils. Each game session demands the players to make consequential decisions, often involving tough choices and personal sacrifices, thus driving their adventure forward.

The gameplay designates one participant to play the role of the World, creating scenarios and conflicts for the rest of the players to navigate. The game comes with a variety of common moves, including action, info, violence, and adventuring moves, along with special moves, offering players a comprehensive toolkit to face the many challenges the game presents.

Adding to the allure of the core book is the “Kosmohedron” supplement. Authored by an international lineup of writers, it expands the Fantasy World setting, introducing new quick-settings, improved rules, and gameplay features. It also presents new classes and a wealth of new objects, adding depth and variety to the gaming experience. To round off this immersive experience, the Fantasy World Dice Set, with three dice featuring gold-colored engravings, is the perfect companion for adventurers in this fantastical world.