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Thunder Road: Vendetta RPG Set to Rev Engines in 2025

Thunder Road: Vendetta RPG Set to Rev Engines in 2025

9th Level Games, in collaboration with Restoration Games, LLC, has announced the upcoming launch of a new roleplaying game, “Thunder Road: Vendetta Roleplaying Game,” expected to arrive in 2025. This game extends the universe of the Thunder Road: Vendetta board game, placing players in the roles of drivers navigating a post-apocalyptic landscape.

The development team, including Dave Chalker and Brett Myers from the original board game, alongside Clark Valentine and Chris O’Neill, aims to enrich the narrative and setting introduced in Thunder Road: Vendetta. The project’s ambition is to explore the detailed world that the board game began to outline, including characters and elements that could not be fully developed within the confines of the original game format. “The roleplaying game presents an opportunity to dive deeper into the lore, unveiling aspects like Bumpo the Clown’s backstory and the dynamics of the helicopter pilots,” stated Myers and Chalker.

In “Thunder Road: Vendetta RPG,” players will engage in a mix of driving and combat, embodying characters who are as much a part of their vehicles as they are individuals within the game world. The game features a distinctive dice mechanism, allowing players to alternate between character-driven actions and vehicle operations, reflecting the dual nature of their roles in this apocalyptic setting.

The game will utilize 9th Level Games’ polymorph™ roleplaying system, a framework designed for cinematic gameplay with streamlined mechanics. This system aims to deliver an engaging roleplaying experience with reduced preparation time, suitable for both new and experienced players. “Thunder Road: Vendetta RPG” is planned to be a 256-page hardcover book, with potential additional accessories yet to be confirmed.

9th Level Games has revealed that a crowdfunding campaign is scheduled for January 2025 to support the project’s completion. Interested individuals are encouraged to follow the project’s progress and receive updates through its BackerKit page.