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Paizo Posts April Fool’s Bestiary

Paizo Posts April Fool’s Bestiary

We all tyop from time to tiem. That’s just life. Most of the time, it just leads to a nonsense word. However, occasionally, you can create a real gem with a typo. Well, the folks at Paizo have been saving some of these typoes and turning them into monsters for Pathfinder. They’ve got full stats and you can add them to your game now.

From the post:

Every now and then, someone makes a typo and realizes that they’ve accidentally created a pun or joke so bad that they must immediately drop it into their team’s work chat, triggering a wave of snickering from some corner of the office. Whenever it sounds like a monster (or something else you wouldn’t want to see in a dungeon), we’ve offhandedly said “add it to the April Fool’s Bestiary.” But surely, we’d never actually stat them up and put them into a blog or some other format for them to run rampant on the internet, right? Well, against our better judgement, here are a few of the monsters that didn’t quite make the cut for Bestiaries or Alien Archives, born of typos, inside jokes, or meetings that started before the coffee pot was quite done brewing.