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Paizo Posts Blood Lords Player’s Guide

Paizo Posts Blood Lords Player’s Guide

Whenever Paizo comes out with a new Adventure Path, they like to spice things up with a Player’s Guide, letting your characters immerse themselves in the setting and theme more than just with the regular books available. And they’ve released the new Blood Lords Player’s Guide that you can download for free now and see just what kind of new options are available.

From the website:

The ghost king of Geb rules a nation where the living and undead work uneasily side-by-side. The power behind the throne, and the true rulers of Geb, are the Blood Lords: a scheming group of undying necromancers whose whims affect millions. Joining the Blood Lords isn’t easy, but your band of less-than-good-hearted troubleshooters is destined to ascend their ranks for exposing a dangerous plot to the nation.

The danger increases once your characters become Blood Lords, as the intrigues of the undead rulers are fiercest against each other. Powerful factions and ancient secrets are all playthings in the deadly trickery. Your Blood Lords must fight from the borders of the nation to the sepulchral halls of power to claim their authority over the land of the dead!