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Modiphius Taking Pre-orders for Fallout RPG Starter Set

Modiphius Taking Pre-orders for Fallout RPG Starter Set

The bombs fell. People headed into the vaults. Time passed. Now, you’ve gotta get back out there into that wasteland. If you’re wanting to play the Fallout RPG but aren’t sure where to start, Modiphius is ready for you with their new Starter Set they’re taking pre-orders for now.

From the website:

Immerse yourself in the genre-defining setting with this introduction to the official Fallout tabletop roleplaying game. This starter set gets you playing Fallout using the 2d20 System designed and tailored for an authentic wasteland experience. Roleplay as a unique character in the familiar setting of the Commonwealth around Boston.

This starter set contains everything you need to begin playing Fallout: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game:

  • A 56-page rulebook containing all core rules, perks, and equipment needed to explore the wasteland.
  • A 60-page quest book Once Upon a Time in the Wasteland taking your characters on an exciting quest around the nuclear-ravaged wasteland outside Boston.
  • 6 pre-generated characters to choose from, including ghouls, super mutants, and even a Mister Handy robot.
  • 2 twenty-sided dice, 1 twenty-sided hit location die, and 4 six-sided Fallout game dice.
  • 56 Nuka-Cola cap tokens for use as action points or currency.