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Z-Man Games Announces Love Letter: Sender

Z-Man Games Announces Love Letter: Sender

Z-Man Games has a new version of Love Letter out there that’s designed for the everyday world we see around us right now… strange as it might be at the moment. It’s called Love Letter: Sender and it’s a print-and-play version of the game that takes into account the instant-messaging technology that we have now (my phone has literally a half-dozen apps that all effectively do the same thing of just sending messages to people).

From the post:

Introducing Love Letter: Sender, a print-and-play version of the classic Love Letter remade for the modern world!

The original characters of Love Letter never had to brave the frontier of online dating. Courtship amounted to delivering one missive into the hands of a certain princess—a simpler time, to be sure.

Today, messaging couldn’t be more instant, and you’ll encounter unique obstacles to finding love. Between you and your Perfect Match are peculiar characters, duplicitous Catfishes, and confusion galore! The perils of dating have never been more perilous.