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Join the Battle in Mythrel: A New Trading Card Game on Kickstarter Now

Join the Battle in Mythrel: A New Trading Card Game on Kickstarter Now

Mythrel: Trading Card Game has raised over $50,000 in just one day from a $30,000 goal, with 29 days still remaining in the campaign. Mythrel is a collectible trading card game that combines physical and digital elements, allowing players to trade, build their collection, decks, and battle in multiple game modes with friends from around the world.

The game takes place in the mystical realm of Mythrel, hidden from mortal beings for centuries but now accessible through a magical portal on Earth. The game’s first edition set, “Enter The Realm,” features over 124+ unique cards divided into five rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Mythical, and Exotic.

Players in the digital game can purchase randomized booster packs to build their collection or use in-game currency, called Rel, to play random deck Vortex Realm matches. The digital version of Enter The Realm 1st Edition Kickstarter set cards will also be limited. In addition to traditional game features, Mythrel also includes a card transfer feature to trade your cards to other players, collections, deck building, four realm modes, levels, ELO, global card statistics and leaderboards, in-game real-time realm chat, an in-game mailbox and friend list social system, and two-factor authentication support for player accounts.

Mythrel offers a unique gaming experience with its combination of digital and physical elements. The physical booster pack contains 10 cards instead of 9 in digital, and the extra physical card is a Digital Redemption Code Card, which you can redeem in the digital game for a randomized booster pack of 9 cards. The Physical Print Run of Mythrel: Enter The Realm 1st Edition Kickstarter set will only be printed to the amount of what is sold during this campaign.

Mythrel is being developed by CJ and Stephen, two avid trading card game players and gamers. Both are USA born, professional graphic designers with decades of experience in the field. With their passion for the genre and professional experience in the industry, CJ and Stephen are dedicated to creating an engaging and exciting trading card game experience for all.

Mythrel has a release date of the digital version via Steam for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android on 6/1/2023. The physical print production for Mythrel will start once this Kickstarter campaign ends and could ship much sooner than the anticipated shipping dates. Mythrel sets itself apart from other trading card games on the market with its combination of digital, physical, and unique gaming elements.

For investors and collectors, Mythrel offers an external secondary market for their digital game, as cards in your collection are transferable to any other Mythrel account. This creates an added value and scarcity to your digital collection. Mythrel’s Kickstarter campaign offers a special “1st Edition Kickstarter Enter The Realm” physical print run, adding even more value to your collection.