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Ramper Design Announces New Board Game Acheron’s Fall Based on the Infinity Universe

Ramper Design Announces New Board Game Acheron’s Fall Based on the Infinity Universe

Ramper Design, a Spanish gaming brand, has announced a collaboration with Corvus Belli to create a new board game based on the popular sci-fi skirmish game Infinity. The game, named Acheron’s Fall, is set in the Infinity universe and features frenetic space battles with high-quality plastic resin ships.

According to Ramon, one of the creators of Acheron’s Fall, the game includes mechanics that are not found in any other ship game in the market. It has an innovative movement system that represents the inertias of the ships on the table using D12 dice. The game also includes resource management of the ships, where players have to distribute energy and crew to perform actions or improve them.

Acheron’s Fall is based on a chapter in the Infinity backstory surrounding the Aqueron Lock in the Paradiso system. Players will be able to take command of a fleet to protect the Human Sphere from the alien forces of the Combined Army or from the rapacity of the other great powers.

The game is scheduled for release at the end of 2023 through a crowdfunding campaign. Those interested in testing the game can do so at the event dedicated to the Infinity universe: Interplanetario, August 18-20, 2023, in Vigo, Galicia, or at Freak Wars, September 9-10 in Madrid.

Ramper Design, which started as a part of the wargaming hobby, has become the first studio for the creation of board game projects in Mallorca, Spain. The brand carries out all kinds of projects related to the hobby, including event organization, podcasting, testing, regulations, project management, and board game creation.

The Ramper Design team comprises veteran infinity players and is the creators of the Spanish podcast called Ora Critika about wargames. Their love for this world has led them to create Acheron’s Fall, a game with innovative mechanics and an exciting storyline set in the Infinity universe.