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Chaosium Announces ‘Horror on the Orient Express’ Board Game Adaptation

Chaosium Announces ‘Horror on the Orient Express’ Board Game Adaptation

Chaosium Inc., known for its successful “Call of Cthulhu” tabletop role-playing game, is set to bring its revered horror campaign, “Horror on the Orient Express,” to the realm of board gaming.

Long celebrated as an iconic horror campaign in tabletop role-playing, “Horror on the Orient Express” is now making its debut as a cooperative board game. The game, designed by acclaimed game designers Adam Kwapiński, known for “Nemesis” and “Frostpunk”, and Michał Gołąb Gołębiowski, the mind behind “Destinies”, offers a uniquely challenging and thrilling gaming experience.

“Horror on the Orient Express: The Board Game” puts players in the shoes of investigators tasked with surviving on the ill-fated train. Winning the game requires not only the detection and elimination of cultists performing a gruesome ritual onboard, but also ensuring the train reaches its destination safely. As players face various perils, the objective is to avert the horrors of the Dreamlands and prevent catastrophe.

To bring this exciting project to life, Chaosium plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign next year, with an anticipated release date in 2025.

For those eager to get an early glimpse of the game, Chaosium will be demoing a prototype at this year’s Gen Con event. Attendees can see the “train” in action at Chaosium’s booth (#509) and immerse themselves in the eerie journey of the “Horror on the Orient Express.”

This announcement promises an enthralling experience for “Call of Cthulhu” fans and board game enthusiasts alike, adding another chapter to the story of one of tabletop roleplaying’s most iconic campaigns. As the release date approaches, stay tuned for more updates from Chaosium about this thrilling new adaptation.