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Prepare to Face Your Fears with the New Nightstalker Releases from Mantic Games

Prepare to Face Your Fears with the New Nightstalker Releases from Mantic Games

Are you ready to face your fears and nightmares? The Nightstalkers are back, and they are better than ever before. These gruesome monsters and creatures have undergone a fantastic facelift, and the new hard plastic Butchers and Reapers are sure to make your skin crawl.

But that’s not all! The Nightstalker Ambush Starter Set is a great place to start building your army or add to your existing forces. With ten hard plastic Reapers and six Butchers, along with unit bases and a quick start rules guide, this starter set is perfect for introducing new players to the world of Pannithor.

For those who want more creepy monsters, the Nightstalker Mega Army is for you. With over 70 miniatures, including hard plastic Reapers, Scarecrows, Butchers, and resin Terror and Horror, you can muster all manner of army from this fantastic box.

The Nightstalker Army set is also a great place to start your journey into the void, featuring hard plastic Reapers, Scarecrows, and Butchers, along with resin Banshee and Mind-Screech.

Butchers are uncompromising, unsubtle, and brutally efficient killers. The new plastic frames come with multiple options to build, including the new ranged unit, the Ravagers. The Reaper Regiment set contains enough pointy boyz to make one regiment or two troops of either Reapers or the new Tormentors.

Doppelgangers are faceless, silent, yet spine-chillingly creepy. The Scarecrows are always right behind you, shuffling relentlessly and endlessly, no matter how far you run. The Nightstalker Heroes set includes resin Horror, Banshee, Shade, and Mind Screech.

The Shadowhound Troop features huge, black, twin-headed canines, and the Phantom Troop appears as cloaked, floating bodies. And finally, the pièce de résistance, the Void Lurker, an unspeakable and unimaginable creature that attaches itself to the nightstalkers as they stream into the bizarre reality where mortals reside.

The Nightstalkers will start shipping on the 15th of May 2023.