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Privateer Press to Halt Legacy Model Production Amidst Facility Move

Privateer Press to Halt Legacy Model Production Amidst Facility Move

Privateer Press has announced an impending halt in manufacturing for its Legacy WARMACHINE, HORDES, and Riot Quest models. The decision to end production comes in preparation for an upcoming facility move. The cessation of manufacturing, affecting models cast in metal and resin, will take effect at the end of this week.

Following Friday, the company will exclusively fulfill online store orders with items that remain in stock. Privateer Press has promised to update the online store efficiently, ensuring accurate reflection of available and out-of-stock items.

In anticipation of the production halt, the company encourages enthusiasts and collectors interested in Legacy items to place their orders by Wednesday, June 14. Although Privateer Press cannot guarantee stock availability, it is committed to fulfilling orders to the best of its ability while the manufacturing capability for these models persists.

The company also indicated that the facility move could cause temporary out-of-print periods for some Monsterpocalypse and Warcaster models. While efforts will be made to restore their availability as swiftly as possible, Privateer Press cautioned customers to expect a delay during the transition to a new manufacturing process.

Expressing gratitude for the community’s patience and support, Privateer Press has assured customers that the forthcoming changes are crucial steps towards setting up the future of the company’s model production.

This announcement marks a significant development in the operations of Privateer Press, which continues to evolve and innovate to meet the demands of the tabletop game community. As production processes shift to accommodate the new facility, the future of the company’s model production is poised for exciting developments.


Wednesday 14th of June 2023

A new era begins, Hail the "Play like you've got a pair..." days and all the joy it gave us. best of luck for the future.