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Privateer Press Posts 2023 Monsterpocalypse Update

Privateer Press Posts 2023 Monsterpocalypse Update

We’re around 2 weeks into 2023 and Privateer Press is wasting no time giving us this year’s update for Monsterpocalypse. You can check out all of the extensive changes in the new article they’ve posted up.

From the article:

Hello, kaiju fans, it’s your friendly neighborhood Monster Dev Emanuel Class, and we have a big, exciting Insider to share with you this week: the 2023 Yearly Update for Monsterpocalypse. Each year, we make quality-of-life updates to some of the monsters, units, and buildings; this year, we didn’t bring much down from the top of the power curve, but we did bring many older models up a peg or two on the power scale. Some designs were made stronger while others were redesigned to give them a fresh new place in the game. So, let’s not waste any more words on the intro and dive right in!