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Privateer Press Unveils Brineblood Marauders Army for WARMACHINE: MKIV

Privateer Press Unveils Brineblood Marauders Army for WARMACHINE: MKIV

Tabletop miniatures game enthusiasts are in for a treat as Privateer Press announced the launch of a new army, the Brineblood Marauders, for its popular WARMACHINE: MKIV game. Slated for release in July 2023, the new addition will be available at game stores and the Privateer Press online store. Players can access stat card information for all the new models in the army for free through the WARMACHINE app from the Apple App Store and Google Play before its official release.

The Brineblood Marauders mark the first warlock-led army in WARMACHINE: MKIV, which combines the game’s parallel brand, HORDES, into a single rules set. Although HORDES is no longer maintained as a separate brand, the Iron Kingdoms still witness fierce battles between warbeasts and warlocks.

Hailing from a hidden fortress seaport, the Brineblood Marauders trollkin pirates wreak havoc along the coast of Immoren, seeking riches and revenge for past injustices inflicted on troll-kind. These merry marauders must face the terrifying forces threatening their annihilation as they navigate the precarious waters between the Iron Kingdoms.

The Brineblood Marauders Core Army Starter offers players everything they need for a 50-point game of WARMACHINE, including 22 unique models like warlock Captain Firequill, customizable warbeasts, Marauder Crew units, Pygmy Boarding Party, Galley Crew support unit, and a Surgeon. The set also comes with a separate, free Starter Magnet Pack for magnetizing the warbeasts’ arms and heads for easy customization.

The WARMACHINE app provides comprehensive MKIV rules, a new-player training guide, stat card information for all models available for MKIV play, and list-sharing and match play features.

Players can look forward to other new armies like Orgoth Sea Raiders, Cygnar Storm Legion, Khador Winter Korps, and Dusk House Kallyss, with expansion releases continuing to support them. Official Organized Play support for the MKIV edition is already shipping via Journeyman Slow-Grow kits, with the Resurrection League and ongoing narrative campaign available through the WARMACHINE app coming later this spring.