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Epic Warpath Ignites Kickstarter with Stellar Success

Epic Warpath Ignites Kickstarter with Stellar Success

In an overwhelming display of support, the Kickstarter campaign for Epic Warpath has shattered its funding goal, amassing $119,955—over three times its original target of $37,813. Crafted by the renowned duo, Matt Gilbert and Alessio Cavatore, this ambitious project reached its funding milestone in a mere 26 minutes, a testament to the excitement and anticipation within the gaming community. With 15 days left and the campaign concluding on March 1, 751 backers have already pledged their support for what promises to be a revolutionary addition to the sci-fi miniature gaming scene.

Epic Warpath is set in a rich universe introduced by Mantic Games in 2011, which has since been the backdrop for a variety of sci-fi tabletop experiences. From skirmish games like Project Pandora and Deadzone to mass battle ventures and even futuristic sports titles such as Dreadball and Overdrive, the Warpath Universe has catered to diverse gaming tastes. Epic Warpath expands this universe further, inviting players to command vast armies of aliens and humans across distant worlds.

The game’s setting plunges players into the heart of galactic conflicts spurred by human expansion under the banner of the Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere. Four initial factions are set to debut: the Asterians, Plague, Forge Fathers, and Enforcers, with more factions expected as stretch goals throughout the campaign.

The Enforcers, superhuman soldiers of the Council of Seven, stand ready to quell threats with their elite might. In contrast, the Plague, a horde of horrors of unknown origin, threaten the galaxy from the shadows of the ‘death arc’. The Asterians, guardians of universal balance, deploy advanced drones to avoid direct conflict, while the Forge Fathers, ancient stewards of the galaxy, assert their primordial claim over its resources.

Epic Warpath introduces a streamlined gameplay experience divided into distinct phases with alternating activations, keeping players engaged through a dynamic and strategic battle flow. Command Points and faction-specific Strategic Orders add layers of tactical depth to the skirmishes.

Mantic Games has ensured accessibility is at the forefront of this campaign, offering a range of pledge levels to suit different budgets and interests. The 2-Army Starter Pledge, priced at £89, offers exceptional value, providing over 160 hard plastic miniatures per faction, alongside the essential gaming components needed for two players to dive into the action.

As the campaign unfolds, backers will have the opportunity to customize their pledges with additional factions, reinforced and super-heavy units, and modular terrain kits showcased in Mantic’s comprehensive article series and video content. With a delivery estimate set for March 2025, backers have ample time to prepare for the arrival of their armies.

For those intrigued by the prospect of commanding vast alien and human forces in epic galactic battles, visiting the Epic Warpath™ Kickstarter page offers a gateway to this expansive and eagerly awaited universe.

‘Epic Warpath’ enciende Kickstarter con un éxito estelar – El Broder Games

Thursday 15th of February 2024

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