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A Festive Selection of Stocking Fillers Now Available for Pre-order from Games Workshop

A Festive Selection of Stocking Fillers Now Available for Pre-order from Games Workshop

As Christmas approaches, Games Workshop is bringing joy to Warhammer enthusiasts with a special selection of stocking fillers. The recent announcement on the official Games Workshop website highlights a range of items that are perfect for the festive season.

Starforged Keychains: A Perfect Gift for Warhammer Fans

Starforged, collaborating with Games Workshop, has released two exquisite metal keychains. These include a meticulously crafted Thunder Hammer and a Chainsword model. Both items showcase intricate details with a striking bronze finish, making them an ideal gift for collectors and fans alike.

Purity Seal Badges: Sanctify Your Gear with Warhammer Spirit

Another exciting addition from Starforged is the Purity Seal Badges. Available in three designs – Space Wolves, Grey Knights, and Imperial Fists – each badge features a unique wax-effect stamp and replica parchment, true to each Chapter’s ethos. With options for sticker, velcro, or pin attachments, these badges offer a versatile way to display Warhammer pride on various belongings.

Horus Heresy: MKVI Assault Squad Pre-order

The MKVI Assault Squad is a notable mention for Horus Heresy fans. This set includes 10 plastic Assault Marines equipped with warhawk jet packs, chainswords, bolt pistols, or combat shields. The kit also comes with an array of accessories, weapons, and alternative heads, allowing for extensive customization.

Middle Earth Series: Ghostly Warriors Pre-order

In the realm of Middle Earth, Games Workshop presents the King of the Dead & Heralds and the Warriors of the Dead sets. These figures are crafted in a unique translucent turquoise plastic, adding an ethereal quality to these cursed warriors. Available for pre-order until early January, they promise to be a coveted item for collectors.

Grotmas Gitz: A Whimsical Warhammer Christmas Addition

For a touch of whimsy, the Grotmas Gitz set is a festive must-have. Featuring a vibrant squig and a band of mischievous Grotmas Gitz, this set embodies the spirit of a Warhammer Christmas. Pre-orders are open until early January, with a guarantee of fulfillment even if initial stocks run out.