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New BattleTech Lances Available to Pre-order

New BattleTech Lances Available to Pre-order

<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Lots of BattleTech setting off the Giant Robot Alert lately. Nothing wrong with that, of course. And today’s cause is three new Lance packs available to pre-order now. Head over and get your name on the list to get yours as soon as these mech hit tabletops.

From the post:

Catalyst Game Labs is pleased to announce the long-anticipated release of ForcePacks for three of the most beloved mercenary commands: Hansen’s Roughriders, Northwind Highlanders, and the Kell Hounds. These join the previously-announced Eridani Light Horse Hunter Lance.

Friendly Local Game Stores are the backbone of our hobby, where we gather to play as a community. Holding that backbone together are the distributors who warehouse and ship all the games we love.

Those distributors played a crucial part in the massive resurgence of BattleTech. In an effort to support and expand that relationship, we have partnered with three distributors across the United States, giving each exclusive access to a ForcePack for the first few months of release.

Below each ForcePack description are the names of the corresponding distributors where they can be ordered, along with a contact linkl you can take to your local store. That way you can help your local game store connect to a distributor and order these ForcePacks for you and your player group!