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Paizo and Humble Bundle Launch Pathfinder Second Edition Legacy Bundle

Paizo and Humble Bundle Launch Pathfinder Second Edition Legacy Bundle

Paizo has joined forces with Humble Bundle to mark the fourth anniversary of Pathfinder Second Edition. This collaboration brings a unique digital offer that allows fans to delve into the rich history of Pathfinder while contributing to a noble cause.

What is the Humble Bundle?

Humble Bundle is known for its limited-time collections encompassing games, books, software, and more. This platform allows buyers to pay what they want, with the flexibility to decide the allocation of their payment between the publisher, Humble Bundle, and charity organizations. With tiers starting as low as $1, these bundles provide great value, encouraging higher contributions with more content.

The Pathfinder Second Edition Legacy Bundle

This special bundle consists of digital PDFs redeemable at the Paizo Store, with each tier offering a unique code. The bundle is structured into three tiers, starting at $5 and reaching up to $25, featuring an array of Pathfinder content. This includes the Age of Ashes Adventure Path, Bestiary 3 rulebook, Crown of the Kobold King Adventure, and various Lost Omens guides, among other exciting digital products.

Supporting ComicBooks For Kids!

A portion of the proceeds from this bundle will be donated to ComicBooks For Kids!, the world’s largest charity for comic books and pop culture materials. Paizo has supported this charity for years, acknowledging the significant impact made through such support.

Bundle Tiers and Contents

  • First Tier ($5): Offers five PDFs worth $70, including the Pathfinder Second Edition Beginner Box, Hellknight Hill, Age of Ashes Player’s Guide, The Fall of Plaguestone, and its corresponding Flip-Mat.
  • Second Tier ($15): Includes all from the first tier plus eight additional files worth $165, featuring Cult of Cinders, Tomorrow Must Burn, the Core Rulebook, two Bestiaries, and several Lost Omens guides.
  • Third Tier ($25): This top tier adds 11 more ePub files worth $130 to the previous contents, featuring later parts of the Age of Ashes series, the Advanced Player’s Guide, GameMastery Guide, Bestiary 3, and more.

Digital Files and Gifting

Upon redemption, these digital files are linked to your account and watermarked with your email address. For gifting purposes, it’s advised to share the redemption codes directly.

A Win-Win for Gamers and Charities

The Humble Bundle offers not only an excellent deal for Pathfinder enthusiasts but also a chance to support impactful causes. Purchasers can decide the distribution of their contributions at checkout, making each purchase a personalized act of charity and fandom.