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Privateer Press Announces Official Release of WARMACHINE: MKIV

Privateer Press Announces Official Release of WARMACHINE: MKIV

Privateer Press has announced the official release of an all-new edition of its award-winning miniatures game, WARMACHINE: MKIV. The game is available for free through the WARMACHINE app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The app offers complete MKIV rules, a training guide for new players, all of the stat card information for every model available for MKIV play, a robust army-building feature, list-sharing, and match play. It also features an optional subscription that delivers premium content to the app library every week, including fiction and lore, scenarios, and Organized Play resources.

Privateer Press has released all game rules and model stats through the WARMACHINE app for the first time, allowing for instantaneous updates as new models are released. Players will no longer need to rely on FAQs or annual postings to ensure they have the most current and accurate rules, as they will be updated universally in the app and are accessible for free.

The game also features 3D printing technology, which allows for the production of complex models in fewer pieces than traditional manufacturing methods permit. This enables the production of complex parts that reduce the required assembly of kits and create the opportunity for new features that enhance the game experience.

WARMACHINE: MKIV comes with three all-new armies: Orgoth Sea Raiders, Cygnar Storm Legion, and Khador Winter Korps, with expansion materials releasing over the next few months. A fourth army, Dusk House Kallyss, will follow in Q2 of 2023.

Official Organized Play support for the MKIV edition releases next month with Journeyman Slow-Grow kits, followed by the Resurrection League beginning in later this spring, which will pair with the ongoing narrative campaign available through the WARMACHINE app.

With the new MKIV edition, HORDES, the companion game for WARMACHINE, is being rolled under the WARMACHINE brand with comparable rules, model, and play environment modifications and updates. The first warlock-led HORDES armies are expected to release in the summer of 2023.

Matthew D. Wilson, creative director and owner of Privateer Press, said, “A new edition provides an opportunity for lapsed players to re-engage and for new players to jump in for the first time. For the existing community of players, it’s a chance to renew excitement and to introduce the game to friends. It’s also an opportunity to put our twenty years of experience to work to make the best version of WARMACHINE that has ever been done.”