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Transform Your Tabletop RPGs with Dungeons Pop’s Unique Pop-Up Battle Maps

Transform Your Tabletop RPGs with Dungeons Pop’s Unique Pop-Up Battle Maps

Dungeons Pop, the new immersive pop-up tabletop RPG battle maps, has recently launched on Kickstarter and is gaining momentum. With just shy of $50,000 raised from a $10,000 goal and 29 days left to go, the campaign is set to end on May 4th.

Designed for use with popular fantasy RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, Dungeons Pop battle maps are equipped with pop-up technology to create 3D fantasy environments that are easy to set up and store. Each map is designed on a standard 1″ x 1″ grid to ensure compatibility with the largest number of tabletop RPG systems.

The pop-up terrain features can be folded away flat and hidden if not required, allowing the game master the freedom to customize the battle maps to fit their adventure. Unlike other pop-up terrain systems, Dungeons Pop battle maps are illustrated and crafted to create an immersive experience for players, with each map jam-packed with secrets and hidden features.

The campaign includes three exciting battle maps with unique features and mini pops, which are small standalone modular pop-ups that can be added to any Dungeons Pop battle map or even flat maps. When combined with Clear Mini Pop Stands, mini pops can be placed on any map to elevate the immersion of any flat map or customize your Dungeons Pop map to fit your story’s exact needs.

The first battle map, Telltale Tavern, features a great room with tables, a bar, and a hearth, a storage room with a hidden trapdoor, sleeping quarters with two beds, and mini pops including trees, bushes, and an old well. The second map, Broken Tower, has three separate floors to explore, a large wooden staircase with multiple levels, interactive stone walls that lift and lower, and mini pops including a withered tree, a wooden wagon, and a pile o’ crates. The third map, Forsaken Ruins, features an elevated summoning altar designed for massive BBEG encounters, two walkways for multilevel combat and exploration, and mini pops including two broken buildings and a campsite with tents.

Dungeons Pop has already attracted many backers who are excited to level up their tabletop games with immersive pop-up maps. With still 29 days to go, it’s expected that the campaign will gain even more support and exceed its initial goal.