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  1. Inclusion and diversity… If you can create a good product OK. IF you can’t , no job for you. Why is that so fucking difficult to understand. TTRPGs Doesn’t CARE ABOUT THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN OR CONTENT OF YOUR PANTS. STOP ASKING FOR HANDOUTS!!!

  2. Let me know if I missed any contraversy:

    1. OneD&D was a project name and not the name for the next Edition.

    2. In some nonspecific way, they were being generic in a response about diversity (you didn’t even quote them).

    3. Some people are not one back after the OGL debacle.

    You quoted Daniel quan, but you didn’t actually use his takeaway from this event. That they are making a sincere effort to win back trust and that this is being done and good faith.

    This is a hit piece.

  3. Oh cool a hit piece lol.

    Not that I have any sympathy for wotc

    That being said, I did learn something from this article. I learned that Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Philanthropy & Employee Experience is an actual position at the company and I have never been more proud to not support wizards anymore. They could be doing so much with the money they’ve made from 5e and they’re just pissing it down the drain

  4. “5e” is basically a brand name at this point. It’s hardly surprising that they wouldn’t give it up. Especially since all of the 3PP are going to keep using it.
    Also, forced diversity isn’t diversity, it’s tokenism. Please accept reality. People want good products, they don’t care AT ALL who is actually writing them. The 6 weirdos on Twitter who can’t see past the color of someone’s skin don’t represent the playerbase.

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