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PDF Edition of G.I. JOE RPG Now Available

PDF Edition of G.I. JOE RPG Now Available

G.I. JOE was one of the first toy lines I really remember collecting back when I was a little kid. My friends and I would have endless hours of fun playing with them. And now that I’m in my 40s, I can still do that with the G.I. JOE RPG from Renegade Game Studios (since, apparently, playing with little action figures, rolling around on the floor, shouting, “Bang! I got you!” isn’t viewed as “appropriate” for someone my age). The pdf version of the core rulebook is now available.

From the announcement:

Yo Joes! Today we’re happy to launch the early release of the G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game, by releasing the PDF! Anyone with a pre-order for the physical book from us has received the PDF as well at no additional cost, and if you’ve been on the fence about ordering, that offer is still open to you, so pre-order today and get started immediately with the PDF!

We can’t wait for all of you to dig in, start creating your Joes, and share them with us! To assist in that, we’ve prepared an FAQ that you can access here, which should help with questions you may run into, but as always, please head to Discord or the G.I. JOE Tabletop Gamers Facebook group if you have additional questions! Instructions on how to download the PDF are below for your convenience!