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Dragon Emperor Previewed for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

Dragon Emperor Previewed for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

A new commander is making his way to the battlefields of Middle-earth. It’s the Dragon Emperor and he certainly knows how to get there in style. Why walk when you can have others do that kind of thing for you. It’s good to be the emperor. Get a look at his new, upcoming figure in this preview for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

From the article:

The empire of Rhûn sits in the mysterious eastern lands of Middle-earth, home to dragon-worshipping cults, dark magics, and skilled warriors. Many know that Rhûn is ruled by the Dragon Emperor, but precious few have ever seen him in person – until now.

Far from just a political figure, the Dragon Emperor is an incredibly lethal combatant in his own right, and can lead your forces as the Easterlings’ first ever Hero of Legend. Few can best him, with the Elven-made Emperor’s Glaive deflecting attacks and striking back in equal measure.

His palanquin is carried by six members of the elite Black Dragons, who can all get a few swings of their own in. Their strength and discipline makes the palanquin a sturdy fighting platform for the Emperor, who uses his vantage point to command the Easterlings with greater finesse.