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Q WORKSHOP and Paizo Roll Out Latest Pathfinder Dice Sets

Q WORKSHOP and Paizo Roll Out Latest Pathfinder Dice Sets

In a recent collaboration, Q WORKSHOP and Paizo have introduced an exciting addition to the world of tabletop gaming with three new Pathfinder Dice Set lineups. These sets are not just tools of the trade for gamers; they are a gateway to enhancing the adventure on the tabletop, bringing a new level of immersion to the Pathfinder universe.

The latest dice sets are a nod to the remastered version of the game, emphasizing clarity in their design without compromising on elegance. At the heart of each set lies the fragments of the world compass, encircling legible digits, and crowned with the iconic Pathfinder logo on their highest faces. Gamers now have the luxury of choosing from three distinct color variations, each designed to complement the thematic essence of different Pathfinder realms.

Pathfinder Dice Set: Avistan invites players to traverse the continent known for its diverse fates with a shimmering-red set, highlighted by golden paintings. This set is perfect for those embarking on daring quests and epic journeys across Avistan’s rich landscapes.

For those drawn to the untamed and savage terrains, the Pathfinder Dice Set: Arcadia offers a captivating experience with its shimmering-green hues paired with beige engravings. It encapsulates the essence of Arcadia’s treacherous landscapes, promising an adventure where only the bravest dare to tread.

Lastly, the Pathfinder Dice Set: Azlant plunges players into the mysteries of the sunken empire with its exquisite mixed-gold background and sleek black digits. This set is tailored for explorers keen on unraveling the secrets that lie in the depths of Azlant’s ancient ruins.

To complement these stunning dice sets, Q WORKSHOP and Paizo also released a black velour Pathfinder Dice Bag. Embellished with a golden P printed on its front, it serves as the perfect abode for these treasures, ensuring they are kept in style and ready for the next adventure.

These additions are more than just dice; they are a testament to the enduring partnership between Q WORKSHOP and Paizo, and their commitment to enhancing the gaming experience for Pathfinder enthusiasts around the globe. To explore the new Pathfinder dice lineup and complete your collection, visit Q WORKSHOP’s official website.