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Pre-Orders Kick Off for Garphill Games’ “Ezra and Nehemiah”: Dive into Ancient Jerusalem!

Pre-Orders Kick Off for Garphill Games’ “Ezra and Nehemiah”: Dive into Ancient Jerusalem!

Renegade Game Studios has just announced an exciting opportunity for board game enthusiasts to dive back into history with the launch of pre-orders for “Ezra and Nehemiah”, the newest creation from the acclaimed minds at Garphill Games. This latest venture invites players to immerse themselves in the ancient city of Jerusalem, offering a unique blend of strategic gameplay and historical exploration.

Designed by the esteemed duo, Shem Phillips and S.J. Macdonald, known for their previous successes with the West Kingdom and South Tigris series, “Ezra and Nehemiah” stands as a testament to their dedication to crafting engaging, thematic strategy games. This new title is set to captivate players by allowing them to partake in the rebuilding of Jerusalem, from erecting the temple and fortifying the city’s walls to spreading the teachings of the Torah among the exiles returning home.

The game is designed for 1-4 players and weaves a rich narrative set in a period of revival and hope. Players will find themselves navigating through challenges with the guidance of prophets Haggai and Zechariah, utilizing a unique card-driven action system that demands strategic thinking and planning. The journey through the game spans three weeks, culminating after the third Sabbath, marking the end of an epic quest to bring prosperity back to Jerusalem.

Key features of “Ezra and Nehemiah” include:

  • A thematic strategy experience crafted by the renowned Shem Phillips and Sam Macdonald.
  • A card-driven action-taking mechanism that ensures every turn is filled with critical decisions.
  • Engaging player interaction that is thoughtfully integrated into various aspects of the game.
  • High replay value thanks to the variability in game setup.
  • Dual-layered player boards for streamlined gameplay and organization.

The game box is packed with components designed to enhance the immersive experience:

  • A comprehensive rulebook,
  • A beautifully illustrated main board,
  • Four detailed player boards,
  • A solo board for those wishing to challenge themselves,
  • Over 150 cardboard tiles & tokens,
  • Five reference boards for quick rule checking,
  • A mix of 44 large and 78 small cards,
  • Nearly 200 wooden pieces for tactile gameplay,
  • And a cotton bag for component storage.

With “Ezra and Nehemiah”, Renegade Game Studios and Garphill Games invite players to step back in time and contribute to one of history’s most significant reconstructions. The game is not only a journey through the annals of the past but also a testament to the strategic depth and replayability that fans have come to expect from this dynamic team. Pre-orders are now open, promising an unforgettable expedition into the heart of ancient Jerusalem.