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Warlord Games Announces the Return of Forgotten & Glorious American Civil War Miniatures

Warlord Games Announces the Return of Forgotten & Glorious American Civil War Miniatures

In an exciting announcement for fans of historical wargaming, the much-anticipated return of the Forgotten & Glorious miniature range has been officially confirmed, with a planned release this March. The American Civil War series, a cherished collection among enthusiasts, has been under the careful stewardship of Warlord Games following the original company’s closure. After a significant period of redevelopment, these miniatures are set to reenlist in the hobby’s lineup, boasting several updates and new additions.

The relaunch will feature two regiments—one advancing and the other in a firing line—alongside an artillery battery, marking a vibrant comeback for the American Civil War range. A notable upgrade includes the transition of these miniatures from metal to Warlord Resin, enhancing the detail and ease of handling of the original designs. Additionally, the new releases are complemented by striking box artwork and added extras to enhance the models’ display and gaming potential.

Among the extras are full-color flag sheets for representing various Union and Confederate regiments and cap badge transfer sheets for detailed customization of the miniatures’ kepis. These features, alongside the models being single-piece miniatures, aim to simplify the process of building a visually impressive unit for tabletop battles.

The inclusion of MDF ‘snake’ fencing in each Regiment box introduces an iconic element of the American Civil War’s Eastern theatre landscapes to gaming tables. This addition, along with the optional rules provided in the “Glory, Hallelujah!” supplement, allows players to create immersive battlefield environments with ease.

For artillery aficionados, the 3-gun battery set offers a variety of barrel options, including the ability to assemble “Napoleons” and Parrott Rifles, among others. Special promotions are also available, offering additional incentives for purchases made through the Warlord Webstore.